Any ideas how we could have help to finance moveing counties?

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shoneshine Mon 30-Nov-09 21:47:45

This is a bit random but Im desperate! We live in Devon, have been wanting to move to Southampton area for the last year. Mainly because my elderly Grandad is down there but also as my parents are selling up to move down, my brother lives down there, there seems to be alot more work in that area and alot more to do! I feel so cut off in North Devon.
DH works 16hrs a week, he cant work any more due to bad health. I got a job 6 weeks ago at a local shop working 16-29 hours a week. Our tax credits have gone up,mainly to help with the cost of a childminder 1 day a week but our Housing benefit (privately renting) has gone down and Council tax has gone up. I am on minimum wage as is DH.
The main reason I got a job was to help save to move (bigger deposit and rent in SOuthampton) and to buy a car (I have been learning to drive and we do not have a vehicle). If I had a choice I`d rather look after our 3 children aged 4,3 and 17m.
Anyway DH has decided he doesnt feel well enough to look after the kids when Im working, even if my mum and C.minder have them some of the time. Looks like Im going to have to hand my notice in at work as family comes 1st. How on earth are we going to manage to save a deposit etc? Im sure the local council wont help. Any other ideas anyone? Xx

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DLI Tue 01-Dec-09 18:16:43

i moved away to go to uni when i was eighteen, i eventually met my now husband etc etc. i was born in the north east and moved to the north west. after a few years my husband and i decided to move back to the north east (closer to my family, better opportunities etc). we moved in with my grandmother and then applied to the council for rented accommodation - on our application form we said we were living with my grandmother and other family members as conditions were cramped) we hounded them every other day and got a council house (although not in a fantastic area)within about six weeks. this gave us our own home until we could sell our house in the north west and buy one in the northeast.

as long as you are not in rent arrears with your current council you can apply to the local council where you want to move for housing and they will consider yuo. you should put on your application that you are wanting to move closer to your elderly grandfather as he needs more and more care due to his age etc (blag it a bit) and that your brother is also lives there.

shoneshine Tue 01-Dec-09 22:13:52

Thankyou so much DLI, I would def consider that, if my bro would put us up for a few mnths! If he 'kicked us out' they may even find us temp housing? Just wudnt wana put the kids through any trauma uprooting etc but theyd prob think it was fun! So they helped you rent even though you had your own property? My parents are eager to be near my Grandad but they`re place is taking awhile to sell and they werent sure if they could get any housing benefit having already got a property in a diff area of country? Thanks again XXXX

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DLI Wed 02-Dec-09 18:21:44

we couldnt get housing benefit because we both worked, even though for months it was temporary through agencies and not guaranteed but they were prepared to let us rent one of their properties.

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