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THJ8LL Thu 29-Oct-20 11:05:49

Hi everyone, I've been scrolling through threads on the credit crunch topic and found lots of useful bits of info on various threads so thought I would start a thread where you post your best tips for saving, budgeting and earning extra income!
Feel free to discuss and ask questions to members but thought this thread could be a good "go-to"!!
Here's mine:
- Vinted - clothes selling app where you can sell pretty much anything from designer to damaged! My tip is to 'swap' items - if your looking for new clothes and getting rid of old this is fab and the community on there are great

- extreme bargains Facebook group - I'm not an active member but I refresh daily and found most of my Christmas presents through sales or discounts recommended by others

- stop and pause before picking up! I seriously used to waste a lot of money picking up things I didn't need because they were a 'bargain'. It's not a bargain unless you need it!!

- Mumsnet Christmas threads - lots of members post referral codes and secret sale discounts

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