Frugal Friends Finding Financial Freedom In February

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Wolfcub Fri 24-Jan-20 22:02:03

New Fred

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Laska2Meryls Fri 24-Jan-20 22:05:31

Oh thanks Wolf..
Looking forward to Feb frugalling!

ememem84 Fri 24-Jan-20 22:05:33


Laska2Meryls Fri 24-Jan-20 22:06:51

Heck Em 40 ! I was 35 , I had to go for 2 appointments, a few months apart so that they knew I was serious, but didn't have any problems getting it on Nhs.( Of course I know it's different where you are). The op was ok , keyhole and only took a couple of weeks to get over .. I had a toddler, also, and they did say to be careful for about 6 weeks but quite honestly, it wasn't difficult at all. ( Helped perhaps that I wasn't in a relationship at the time) .
Can you go private or would you really prefer DH to go for it?

Laska2Meryls Fri 24-Jan-20 22:07:44

It was such a relief..

Laska2Meryls Fri 24-Jan-20 22:18:48

Kaneboy sorry being back here after a while, but do you have Cagaletinis,?

Also is Justamile stillhere with a different user name ?

Happierwithouthim Fri 24-Jan-20 22:19:33

Haven't read posts on last thread but my update for today is
Lunch paid using gift card (will get two more lunches with my colleague from it grin)
€120 to mechanic for car service in Dec
€13 on new pjs & 2 pk of thermal pack socks reduced to €3 smile
€10 dressing gown for ds, for him to wear in the mornings after he gets out of his wet pjs (wets bed every night)
€107.26 groceries
€2.15 6 local eggs


Happierwithouthim Fri 24-Jan-20 22:20:07

€20 horse riding but that's weekly so I don't post it much

Laska2Meryls Fri 24-Jan-20 22:20:56

Laneboy! Sorry fat fingersblush

Laska2Meryls Fri 24-Jan-20 22:25:17

My spends today 33.67 on co op , 9.80 ferry ticket to pick up DGs , and £4 car park while I did so !! ( Ineed to investigate an all island parking permit, the only thing I miss from work is the heavily discounted weekday parking ) ..angry

Wolfcub Fri 24-Jan-20 22:27:47

We've not seen JustaMinute around for a while. We miss her, and Quite and Lonely ☹️

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LaneBoy Fri 24-Jan-20 23:11:35

Signing in, yup laska that’s me smile two name changes since but I can’t bring myself to change what I call them grin

Thanks for new Fred.

Coffee with a friend tomorrow. Maybe lunch. Probably lunch. 😅

Happierwithouthim Sat 25-Jan-20 05:20:16

Woke to go to the toilet & Tom my cat came to greet me, he lives outdoors!! He must have been inside quietly all night grin

lifelongfrugaleer Sat 25-Jan-20 06:15:45

Phew found you.

Shopping today but shouldn't be too much.

ChristmasSeacow Sat 25-Jan-20 07:12:53

And Wreck has gone MIA too.

Your guess about Lane is correct, Laska

I was in such a deep dream when the DC woke me, I could have slept and slept! Baby ballet this morning followed by cafe trip with DD’s friend.

SnugglySnerd Sat 25-Jan-20 07:16:35

Thanks for the new thread.

I have woken up with a headache, not fair - I only had 2 beers last night!

maddenlightfoot Sat 25-Jan-20 07:40:31

Morning everyone! Wow shiny new thread and it's not even the end of January! We're doing ok; have a full tank of petrol and meals for the weekend so will likely just need a small shop for next week. However, we're going to the theatre (Book of Mormon!) on Thursday, and probably dinner beforehand, and next weekend have a big birthday party to attend so I think February is going to be super-tight.

Spends this week have been awful blush, I've been buying and eating a lot of unnecessary food and did a wine run on Thursday. It's been a stressful week!

I think it was happier who asked about the house we're considering... we haven't done anything about it yet. We're stuck in our usual dilemma of whether the extra mortgage (more expensive house and we'd need to extend) are worth on balance the better area and garden. I'm much more risk averse, especially financially (probably why I'm on here!), and I'm more comfortable with staying put and saving money. But on the other hand I see that all the changes to our current house (knocking through, loft conversion and landscaped garden) which at first I was reluctant to do because of the cost, have revolutionised our life and how we spend time in our house as a family. All of those changes were driven by dh and I'm willing in this instance to trust that the move would be one for the better. I can't though be overly enthusiastic about it as I'm just so damn busy every day. Dh is seeing this as a reluctance and is worried that if we go for it and any part of it doesn't work out il then say it's his fault as I was happy to stay (moi? 🤷‍♀️!) I think I'd be more enthusiastic if it was the summer. Our house is not a summer house - too noisy and too small a garden - whereas the other house is.

We'll try and fit a decision in today between swimming lessons, birthday party, rugby match and dinner with the ILs 😅

Lovemaltesers Sat 25-Jan-20 07:56:25

Such a tricky decision madden. I’m sure together you will make the right one

Sorry to have been missing since posting about my mum and the cold caller last week. Urrgh. She really spoilt last weekend for me, has been somewhat awful again about something else this week so this weekend she is not getting into my thoughts now I’ve posted this

I originally read you were planning on bumping DH off in an accident snuggly 😂

Can’t believe you are back to work next week em.

Yesterday was £0.85 on reduced doughnuts. And £50 to Brownies and Rainbows.

My DC have really struggled with getting up and leaving the house for 7.30am for childcare this year. Less so DD who has just started school, but more the Year 4 DD. Neither of us can start work later in our current jobs, but other jobs are not in good supply. It’s becoming such a drain, and DD1 is so tired in the evening yet complains but goes to bed at 7.30pm. Don’t know how to improve things!

ememem84 Sat 25-Jan-20 09:13:02

I don’t know laska if I’m honest I don’t want dh to have to go through something which might cause him chronic pain.

He was talking about if we had another accidental pregnancy and how it wouldn’t be that bad. I’ve said no. No accidental pregnancies. No more babies. If I was to end up pregnant again I wouldn’t be keeping it. So we’ve had that conversation. My body my choice and all that.


Today - £32 riding and probably around £20 at the shop on fruit. Also need petrol so will get that on my way back from the stables - around £40 to fill the car up.

lifelongfrugaleer Sat 25-Jan-20 11:24:00

£118.14 food shop. Freezer is rammed now though. Usual £30 child activities

Girliefriendlikespuppies Sat 25-Jan-20 12:08:27

Tried posting on the old thread and couldn't! Lost a longish post 🙄

Thanks for new Fred wolf

I miss the fluffster, she gave such good frugal advice.

Happierwithouthim Sat 25-Jan-20 12:13:12

€13.50 at waste place
€2 on newspaper as I was about 45 mins too early for work
2 hours at work
Now I'm tackling the attic, have another dinner in slow cooker today one for eating, two for freezer.

Wolfcub Sat 25-Jan-20 12:47:27

£3.99 mcds.

Done big garden birdwatch and two loads of washing. Another load folded and put away. A few drawers audited and bits put into charity bag.

Through sending ds with a small bag of h's stuff every week I have managed to empty one of his drawers. I've cleaned that out and started a holiday drawer to collate all the things we will want to pack for holidays and don't need in the interim. 69 days until we go.

Found out boss is officially moving on so will need to get my arse in gear to apply. Likely to happen quickly and I've no idea what I'd write. Pretty much too busy at work to have the time to do it/think about it but it's important so I'm going to have to work out how

Full of cold/sinusy and have full on stroppy vile teenager so I also have the grumps grin

Need to sit down and catch up on budget book and really need to vacuum the stairs and upstairs as the alarm service people are coming next week

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CurvyInAllTheWrongPlaces Sat 25-Jan-20 13:20:28

Thanks for new fred Wolf, like you I'm full of cold and would still like to be in bed.

em at least you are having conversations about it and dh knows where you stand.
love, that must to tough on your dcs, I can only sympathise. Do you think they could be suffering from SAD syndrome?
madden I'm sure you will work it out soon.

Ex is coming over tonight to see the kids, and if I'm feeling better I will pop to morrisons, if not I will go tomorrow.

Bornlazy Sat 25-Jan-20 13:50:33

Thanks for new thread wolf.

Hope all the snotty people feel better soon. I feel a bit under the weather myself but it’s self inflicted 🍺 so can’t complain.

em I would stick to the coil for now if I was you. If you pressure dh into the snip and he’s left in pain you will never hear the end of it. It would be different if he was volunteering but he’s not. I suppose I can see their point in not sterilising people willy-nilly but I think in your 30s you know your own mind.

Spends today £10 on 2 pairs of slippers from Debenhams for birthday gifts. Think we might have a takeaway tonight as haven’t had one for a few weeks and I cba cooking.i

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