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mumof32015 Sun 17-Nov-19 16:51:23

I hope this is the right place to post this. I am just looking for some positive stories about having a PIP review.

A bit of back story, I have bipolar disorder and last year I was transferred to PIP. I found the whole thing really took a toll on my mental health, I felt suicidal and I became really paranoid. After being out of secondary services for about 5 years I ended up seeing a psychiatrist. To be fair to ATOS in the end they were really understanding. I was called for a face 2 face assessment, but after they spoke to my psychotherapist they decided I didn't need to be seen.

However because of how the last assessment made me feel I am really struggling. I have decided I am going to send a lot more evidence than I did last time. I have the letter that the psychiatrist sent to my GP, my husband thinks it is good to send with my review form but I have been put off by one line that states I haven't recently had an episode of major depression or mania and at the time he saw me I didn't have plans to commit suicide. It's really set my anxiety off because I am thinking that this one statement is going to mean they will say I don't qualify for PIP anymore.

I have read so many awful stories about how none of their medical evidence was even looked at. Please of there is someone that has a positive story to share it would help me alot. I know that I might sound absolutely stupid, and I know I have been extremely lucky but honestly last time I felt like I was being tormented.

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PerkingFaintly Sun 17-Nov-19 17:00:16

Sorry I don't feel able to post in detail – remembering it all make me feel sick.

But someone else had a very useful thread and some lovely people there also helped me – and both the OP and I won at tribunal.

With any luck you won't need to go to tribunal! The information might be useful to get you through on assessment.

To ask for help with PIP descriptors and regulations?

PerkingFaintly Sun 17-Nov-19 17:04:21

An sorry, I know that what i've posted doesn't match exactly what you've asked for.

Lots and lots of good luck for your review.

Itsjustmee Thu 21-Nov-19 17:21:09

I personally wouldn’t send that letter as they will
see it as something they can use against you to say that you are no longer suicidal

Play them at their own game, anything you send them needs to be helping your case not against it .
They will take the smallest bit evidence and use that against you

If they want it let them get it from your doctor.

MrsMaiselsMuff Thu 21-Nov-19 17:27:56

They don't have to request evidence, so it is always in your best interests to submit it yourself.

Are you still seeing the psychiatrist or psychotherapist? You could ask them to write something in support of your review. Your GP may also, they may charge but it's worthwhile if it means keeping your award.

Do you know what descriptors you scored points on? Do they still apply?

Remember that PIP is about the care you need to help you remain stable, not just for the worst times. So you could emphasise the care you currently receive if that is what is making you relatively well at present.

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