How do I deal with credit card companies re debt

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lyssie29 Tue 08-Oct-19 12:02:25

I am a single mother to 2 after my partner died and we've been living on benefits because I had to quit my job. I've gotten behind on my credit card and store card (I had both before my partner died and was paying it off just fine) and because of missed payments in the last year my credit is shot to pieces anyway. Is it best to send letters to companies and offer some sort of repayment plan? What would be the best option?

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Todaythiscouldbe Tue 08-Oct-19 15:14:23

I worked in debt recovery for a credit card company, they're actually very understanding as long as you're honest. Do you feel able to phone them? Prepare a list of income/outgoings and don't offer more than you can realistically afford. If your outgoings are more than or equal to income offer a token payment of £1 a month in recognition of the debt. Remember they can't take what you don't have.

MrsLoganEcholls Tue 08-Oct-19 15:18:04

Visit the Debt-Free Wannabe board on the money-saving-expert forum. There's loads of information on there about this, also there is the charity Step Change.

Sooverthemill Tue 08-Oct-19 15:23:42

You can get advice . this is a sample letter to non priority creditors eg credit card. It's not the one you use for eg council tax.

CA offer debt advice and so do list of others places. If you feel you can't Do it alone do get advice. You do have mitigating circumstances. I'm sorry you have to deal wit this

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