Is anyone delaying large spends due to brexit?

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Landlubber2019 Sun 01-Sep-19 09:15:32

I really want a kitchen but the economic climate is putting me off raiding my savings and taking on a loan for a big and expensive new kitchen...... Am I being daft?

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MongerTruffle Sun 01-Sep-19 09:17:00

I think it would be better to do it now, before interest rates and prices go up.

Chasingsquirrels Sun 01-Sep-19 09:19:50

I've been planning my new kitchen for a number of months and just ordered it. If the time it's taken me to get tradesmen to come round and quote for various things is indicative of how busy they are then I'd say they are all busy!

Personally I wouldn't be taking out a loan for a big and expensive new kitchen in any economic situation. I'd be tailoring my kitchen to suit the funds I had available.

Chasingsquirrels Sun 01-Sep-19 09:21:16

The tradesmen being busy meaning other people are continuing with home improvements as well. So if you are daft lots of other people are too, including me.

Ohflippineck Sun 01-Sep-19 09:24:07

Depends on your circumstances. If for example you have a potentially vulnerable job and a mortgage, certainly wouldn’t be making any big financial commitments until there’s more certainty.
If you don’t, maybe best to do it now to lock in current prices.
Difficult decision because none of us know wth is about to happen. I’d be inclined to sit tight and make do for now.

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