Anyone doing a no spend February?

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Vintagewannabe Fri 01-Feb-19 09:42:13

We went through the months finances. They were shocking! We are Ment to be saving but spend lots of money on pointless stuff.

Anyone doing a no spend February? Only essential bills and food. I’ve never done a no spend month before so may need support confused

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MissBehaving1000 Fri 01-Feb-19 10:44:12

Same here! I've not done a no spend month before but definitely need to after the last couple of months which have been really expensive.

Really need to reign in the spending so I'm planning all my meals before shopping, turning the heating down & switching stuff off instead of leaving them running. Definitely no buying impulse items whilst I'm out and about, no takeaways...should cut out the booze as that whacks the old food shop up but then after all that the month ahead looks totally depressing sad

And it's my birthday month!

So I could really do with some support too and would welcome other ideas to save money if anyone has more suggestions?

Vintagewannabe Fri 01-Feb-19 14:45:17

Great start! We’ve said only bills and food and if we need essential extras to keep receipts and out them in full veiw so we can both see what we’ve spent.

Lights and switches turned off. Meals planned.
Online food shopping because I spend less that way and not tempted.
DH treats the kids to stuff from the shops on his way home from work (magazines, nice crisps etc) so instead are giving the younger two a little pocket money to last the whole week as this will be cheaper (eldest already does this).
Putting clothes over the radiators when heatings in instead of using the tumble dryer.
No coffees from costa fortune only homemade ones in a travel mug
Amazon is banned
So is eBay lol

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SalrycLuxx Fri 01-Feb-19 14:50:00

Me. I just did no spend January and saved literally hundreds.

Allowed spending is:
Normal food shop
Sports/activity subs
One cinema trip at half term (using discount t through work benefits app)

My waistline is also appreciative as I’m not snacking (because I’d have to buy the snacks)

Grumpbum123 Fri 01-Feb-19 14:50:45

Me except one treat for the kids at half term

Boredboredboredboredbored Fri 01-Feb-19 14:54:20

Yep I'm in. Currently saving £600 towards x2 holidays coming up which is putting me on my arse. Did pretty well last month and the only extra purchase I made beyond food was £20 in ikea.

I've cut right back on all non essentials but it's hard as I'm used to being quite free with money!

MissBehaving1000 Fri 01-Feb-19 17:34:45

I'm the same @Boredboredboredboredbored

But I'm determined to not fritter money away aimlessly this month. Can't afford to after just having shelled out for a new boiler.

But goodness, I completely forgot about half term!  shock. Now I'm wishing for snow that week so we can have "free days" building snow men haha.

@SalrycLuxx how did you manage to save hundreds if you don't mind me asking?

And what are all your plans for entertaining children over the holiday? I'll do the usual craft/see friends & family etc but because my DD spends time with her dad I like to take her out to places which usually costs £££

I know museums are mostly free, but just the travelling in to cities to visit them isn't cheap, and the weather isn't the best either.

Would welcome your ideas.


SalrycLuxx Fri 01-Feb-19 18:11:55

I usually have an ‘allowance’ from my salary of just over £200 o spend as I wish.

I am incapable of sticking to it.

So having no spend jan meant cutting dead any additional spending. No ‘I’ll just buy lunch at work” or “just a coffee from Nero’s” and no buying crisps/chocolate/etc for snacks. Also, no newspapers, books (including kindle unlimited which I am a sucker for), nothing new for the kids, etc. Also no ‘I just need’s - if i didn’t already have X, it didn’t happen.

End of the month and I have the entirety of that ‘spending money’ still sitting there. Plus I haven’t spent the ‘extra’ on top and don’t need to find money for the credit card.

It also turned out that i didn’t ‘need’ anything. grin

In terms of the rest of my spending, I’m working on reducing the grocery budget. More vegetable based meals, plus taking better advantage of deals.

For half term, we have two messy sessions (free) at a local church, plus the cinema trip. I reckon that’s enough when you take library and toys at home I to account.

livingthegoodlife Fri 01-Feb-19 21:16:56

i have just done a "no spend" january other than food/petrol. It was difficult but it was almost fun as it became a challenge and made me be more imaginative with food and also things to do. i did a lot more baking!

i made up an afternoon tea and took it to a friends house for an afternoon out rather than going to a cafe.

i made things rather than just buying them on ebay or sourced similiar things from around the house eg for school dress up day.

i took my toddler to the park more and also for walks on the beach, and she loved it. we also did a lot more gardening.

half term might be difficult. library activities, crafts at home, walks with a winter picnic (hot dogs in a food flask and hot squash), museum, baking at home,

good luck, you can do it! im still on a low spend which is more comfortable than no spend but i survived!

YahBasic Fri 01-Feb-19 21:37:27

No coffees and no clothes are my two February ones.

I limit myself to £15 a week on work lunches, which I make through doing online quizzes.

Also aiming to put 10 things on eBay this month too.

OldGrinch Sat 02-Feb-19 09:37:05

I will join last two months have been horrendous, however DD 2 has just announced she has a massive hole in her school shoes shock where can I get decent school shoes that will last more than 5 minutes? Fed up of Clark they seem to be a rip off these days.

SalrycLuxx Sat 02-Feb-19 12:23:12

Boys section in Clark’s - theirs are much more robust.

Diamondangel8 Sat 02-Feb-19 14:00:59

Can I join pls? I waste hundreds every month socialising and buying clothes. I figured if I reign it right in I can pay off my 6k debt in a year and be debt free

Sonnet Sun 03-Feb-19 09:23:45

Can I join
Got £4K to pay down. Have a plan already to payback but want to clear it quicker. So not spending on non essentials will help that
Take lunch to work
No coffees out
Ban amazon
No wine
No 'I need it'

First time I've done this so would appreciate the support smile

Sonnet Sun 03-Feb-19 09:25:49

My DC are older now but one of the things I did when they were younger during winter school holidays was to set their toys up for play
Eg - dolls house, farm etc. We had a happy land village and laying it all out meant it got played with lots.

myidentitymycrisis Sun 03-Feb-19 09:34:46

I would like to try. I’ve spent loads in January been a bit down. Problem is I have leave booked at the end of the month and thought I might have a mini break. If I cut right down on extras/clothes then would a holiday be allowed? It’s not frittering away IYSWIM?

Sonnet Sun 03-Feb-19 15:14:43

I'm paid 4 weekly so have this week to go in minimum spend smile

On Friday the plan to get my debt down starts.

This week I've made a meal plan using freezer and store cupboard contents - require only fresh veg and some fruit

I'm taking packed lunch and coffee to work

I'm on no wine

Good luck everyone

livingthegoodlife Sun 03-Feb-19 15:29:19

I've done a big grocery shop and plan just to do smaller top up shops. I'm trying out a one month meal plan.

Spends - my daughter does ballet competitions so I've spent a bit on new shoes and flowers for hair and need new socks.

I did a big order of dog food from pets at home as there is a code for 20% off everything which stacks with the VIP codes.

I've done an order for children's clothes but plan on sending half back.

Nothing for me and no frivolous things so far so I'm still on track.

I need to allow for a haircut...

How is everyone else getting on?

Plannergirl9 Sun 03-Feb-19 23:24:04

DH and I try to have 5 no spend days a week, Mon to Fri. So take in lunch for work and no coffee buying.

Designerenvy Sun 03-Feb-19 23:36:14

I've over spent for Christmas which caught up with me in Jan and I'm still suffering a financial hangover from it !
Will def love to join the gang for a no spend Feb.
I have massive bills this month ...oil, dental, visa, car tax....the lust goes on !
This thread might just help me stay on track !

Designerenvy Sun 03-Feb-19 23:36:43

Lust = list

Sonnet Mon 04-Feb-19 10:10:40

Good Luck everyone
I had a no spend day yesterday.

I have brought in lunch and coffee for work

I do need to do a top up shop at lunch time of fruit, veg, milk, eggs, pasta and bacon lardons or bacon (whichever is cheaper)

I love your idea of 5 nospend days Mon to Fri Plannergirl9
As the OP Vintage Wanabee how are you getting on?

YahBasic Mon 04-Feb-19 11:58:05

I had a no spend day yesterday and will again today. I’m aiming for 3 a week - the two days that I work from home & one weekend day.

In agony with toothache today & couldn’t get an emergency appointment. Need to ring back again first thing tomorrow. I’ve got private dental cover though, so hoping I just need to pay the excess (upto £60 depending on what it is).

I’m aiming to spend no more than £350 this month on food, eating out, extras etc.

Designerenvy Mon 04-Feb-19 12:00:56

Hoping to just down €2 today on bread for myself and kids ( different breads liked hmm).
Hope you get your tooth sorted Basic....nothing worse than a toothache !

Diamondangel8 Mon 04-Feb-19 12:36:58

Hey, I did a no spend in the week last week and that was successful. I brought in my lunches and didn't spend on anything else. Same goes for today. It is on my mind a bit. I think that's because I am trying to get into good habits. I have been listening to Dave Ramsey's podcasts. I can't believe how much money I was wasting before. I would get bus (now i have bus pass so fiver a week cheaper). I would go the shop on the way to work and buy a drink and cereal bar even though I have these at home and then I would buy my lunches and spend on eBay, Amazon at lunch. I was spending at least £9 a day on bus and lunch but now its just £2.80 a day. So if my maths are correct I was spending £180 a month on food and travel and now it is just £56. That is a massive difference! I don't know why I don't know why I didn't do this before!! What a waste of money! I'm going to put that extra money on paying down my 6K debt.

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