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Can anyone recommend a pre loaded debit card please?

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Rainbowsandrascals Sun 30-Dec-18 23:58:57

I want to set up a direct debit to save £10 or £20 a week and I want to load it onto a debit card. My plan is to save this to use at Christmas. Can anyone recommend one please?

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brick10 Mon 31-Dec-18 00:03:03

Try Monzo

Rainbowsandrascals Mon 31-Dec-18 08:57:41

Thanks Brick - will look at that.

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dementedpixie Mon 31-Dec-18 08:59:25

Could you not just set up a savings account with a standing order from your current account. That way you should get some interest too

dementedpixie Mon 31-Dec-18 09:02:24

Is Monzo not a bank rather than a pre paid card?

nannynick Tue 01-Jan-19 07:21:21

Monzo is now a bank but was a pre-paid card. So you can disable overdraft facility.

torthecatlady Sat 05-Jan-19 10:57:43

I recently opened a Monzo account and it's brilliant. Within a few days my card arrived. I disabled the overdraft facility.

I don't use it as my main account, I use it to transfer money into, to save for special occasions. It's brilliant so far and I'm finding it addictive to save money and see the pots go up!

Rainbowsandrascals Sun 06-Jan-19 20:23:06

Thanks Cat, that’s useful.
Does anyone know if there are any pre loaded cards available?

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