Selling jewellery?

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Munchkingoat Tue 13-Nov-18 17:51:46

I've inherited some mostly gold jewellery which has little sentimental value to me which I'm thinking of selling to help towards Christmas (I have very little spare cash and I'm so worried about funding xmas)

Can anyone suggest the best places online to try? I've been googling but it's a minefield and don't want to get ripped off so thought I'd ask

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HowlsMovingBungalow Tue 13-Nov-18 18:06:30

You need to find out what the carat of the gold is, so look for the hallmarks ( foreign gd often doesn't have a stamp ). You also need to look up todays price for the gold ( per ounce) then weigh each lot of 9ct, 18ct 22ct or Platinum .That will give you a rough idea, this wont take in account of stones if you have any set in the jewellery.
High street jewellers will also test, weigh and offer you a price for your scrap gold. An independant jewellers may also give you a price for them to buy from you.

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