Ideas for keeping the kids busy on a budget

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RBW18 Fri 12-Oct-18 11:20:08

Hi all,

I have decided after 5 long years of stressing about childcare and spending a stupid amount of money across the holidays, that as from January I will be on a term-time contract. Luckily it works out that I'm not loosing too much money however, we really want to stick to a budget through the holidays.

Can anyone give me some ideas on keeping children occupied throughout the holidays on a tight budget? We have beautiful beaches where we live so I guess we will be spending a lot of time there when its sunny. Parc trips, long walks with the dog, picnics etc What sort of things do parents get up to with their children in the winter holidays when its raining ALL the time

Thanks in advance smile x

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Raver84 Fri 12-Oct-18 13:30:06

Hello I hardly spend anything during the holiday I normally budget 25 for the week.

Parks, long walks with dogs, beach, country parks, library, kids cheap cinema is very cheap at weekend and holidays in oden, craft days, bike rides, we have some annual passes to a local castle, trip on the train or bus somewhere instead of driving.

It all depends on how old you kids are mine are happy woth the above as they are 8,6,4 and 1. Groupon often have some good local deals for local attractions.

I take snacks and pack lunches everywhere!

Amber0685 Fri 12-Oct-18 13:36:08

You tube videos showing how to draw things, a Sharpie and some blank paper occupies my almost 10 year old for hours.

RedSkyLastNight Sat 13-Oct-18 12:33:06

How old are your DC?

Abbazed Tue 07-May-19 14:34:03

In wales?

Abbazed Tue 07-May-19 14:34:46

Sat morning cinema is cheap x

Abbazed Tue 07-May-19 14:35:08

Shop at aldi it's next to nothing


Abbazed Tue 07-May-19 14:35:31

Computer games

Panicmode1 Tue 07-May-19 14:38:23

It depends how old your children are - we are National Trust members and I'd often spend a day at a property, take a picnic and the children would do the children's trails - they always do a lot in school holidays.

They'd also spend hours 'cooking' - mixing up stuff with old flour, oil, old herbs and making 'potions' out of food colouring and water. Or I'd buy a roll of lining paper and cover the floor with it and they'd paint - using their feet and hands as much as the brushes, but that was a popular indoor/winter activity.

UnderTheSeaWithMe Tue 07-May-19 14:44:00

Painting / drawing
Read a book

-Moving Statues
-Simon Says
-I Spy
-Blind man's Bluff
-Hop Scotch

Movie day at home with popcorn and snacks
Play music and dance
The dreaded Playdate
Potter around the local shopping centre
Visit friends/family/Grandparents or invite them to visit

Livedandlearned Tue 07-May-19 14:54:20

Home made play doh and salt dough or biscuit dough would keep mine busy all day, pretending to cook it, serve it, sell it, the lot, and so cheap to make

RoseMartha Sat 18-May-19 00:33:42

We also are NT members worth it especially if you take a picnic.
Tesco clubcard points can be used on days out.
Countryside walk
Woods, walk and tree climbing and geocaching.
Check local library or tourist info or Primary times magazine or equivalent for cheap or free events to do holidays or weekends.
Meet with friends at park etc
Playdates at home
Scooter rides
Bike rides
Some museums are free and have kids trails. Some have minimal cost.
Local art galleries often have free kids events.

PerspicaciaTick Sat 18-May-19 00:39:22

Get them on codeacademy building projects independently or together, or making stop motion animations. Go to your library and get them reading. Teach them to cook the food you were planning to prepare anyway. Teach them to see or knit (pound shops often stock basic craft materials). Think about the skills and interests that you have that you can teach them.

Serin Mon 03-Jun-19 20:54:51

Plan a project and run with the theme? one holiday we did "Canada" and made totem poles, camped out in the garden taking care to guard our picnic from bears, made buckwheat pancakes, had a quiz, made treasure maps of the great lakes and went canoeing. Other themes were dinosaurs, pirates, village fetes, Ireland and farming.

The other thing we used to do was produce a play from start to finish; script, costumes, build a set, choose music and songs, sell tickets (to granny) make popcorn and finally have the show!

Happy days.

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