Spending October organising our spends - friendly frugaleers this way!

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ememem84 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:01:51

New thread because old one is almost full. All welcome. fluffy can you be a doll and please post the helpful threads? X x

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Justanothermile Thu 11-Oct-18 21:04:58

Thanks em.

Laska5772 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:08:38

Hello!!. thought I'd say hello..grin i've not been around for a while,, all good here but i've (partially )retired and not been v frugal ,, (I need to be again)..

Laska5772 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:09:59

luckily no debt .. but yes Frugality is needed.

WreckTangled Thu 11-Oct-18 21:13:07

Thanks em.

I'm food shopping tomorrow so am trying to plan. Need one more meal...

Have still got 180 miles left in the car too so should have some fuel money left over which is good because DD's got a party to go to Saturday and I need a present to give.

Lovemaltesers Thu 11-Oct-18 21:15:03

Someone did say they'd seen you hanging out on the hush thread laska wink

Thanks for the new thread

So excited for you em tomorrow!

SnugglySnerd Thu 11-Oct-18 21:15:17

Thanks Em.

Just ordered reusable make up wipes as a frugal/environmentally friendly effort.


ememem84 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:16:19

laska <snogs> how you doing?!

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Laska5772 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:18:09

I got a bitof a pay out so was pending just a little bit too much Maltesers grin. Have you NC from someone I used to 'know' on the thread?

ememem84 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:20:13

Yay snuggly which ones did you buy?

I’ve got an amazon wish list of eco stuff. Microfibre cloths being one. And zoflora.

Unbeknownst to dh I’m starting the organised mum method when we move in.

Regimented cleaning. And quickly. That’s my style.

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Wolfcub Thu 11-Oct-18 21:22:20

Thanks for the new thread Em, loved the finish on catface and Houdini is lovely too.

Wreck it’s the same here. My dog-brother is spoiled rotten he is definitely the favourite

Wolfcub Thu 11-Oct-18 21:22:59

Laska it’s wonderful to see you. Congratulations on the partial retirement

Laska5772 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:24:50

Spending the retirement package Em on lovely, lovely things, but it really has to stop now. (still have the campervan fund intact though) Have you got the house yet?

Lovemaltesers Thu 11-Oct-18 21:25:40

Oh yes laska. For a brief time, i used to work in the motor home repairs industry so liked seeing your dream purchase pictures!

Laska5772 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:26:35

I am now working 3 days a week, 2 of those in the office and 1 "working at home". they dont seem to have noticed the 3rd day yet grin

Laska5772 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:27:51

aha maltesers know who you are now..have you another new job now? (school perhaps?)

ememem84 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:30:24

Tomorrow laska tomorrow. Eeeek.

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SnugglySnerd Thu 11-Oct-18 21:30:46

Some bamboo ones off Amazon Em. They are pretty colours and come with a little mesh washing bag. I might be brave and try reusable sanitary towels next.

ememem84 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:30:48

ANd then the spending on frivolities must stop.

Sensible things only.

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ememem84 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:32:11

I haven’t looked back snuggly my reuseables are fab.

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Cagliostro Thu 11-Oct-18 21:33:57

Signing in thanks em smile

And thanks again for lovely comments on end of old thread. I wasn’t digging for compliments either 😳😂

Frugal stuff... I dunno. Nothing to report really. But I am glad I’ve started keeping a running list of “stuff we need” - there’s so much to think of all the time since we moved so I just add it to the list and try and prioritise rather than rushing out or hitting amazon etc.

Laska5772 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:36:41

Oo oo oo Em When you finaly get those keys, its so exciting.. when we moved here, we had traveled over from the mainland and the money hadnt quite followed us.. We were camped out with DS and Dcat for a couple of hours until the call came... Dh then got his bike out of the removal van and had to cycle a couple of mile down to the EA to get keys .. We were on such tenterhooks (and the removal men had gone off to find a cafe for lunch by then) .. Luckily as you are at your mums (I think still ?) you wont have a removal van in the street waiting... Good luck xx

ememem84 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:37:45

I’ve been doing that cag

My list is as follows:

Washing machine
Tumble dryer
Freezer (dh and everyone else has persuaded me to go for a larder freezer and not a chest freezer)
Ironing board
Washing line
Microfibre cloths
Washing up cloths
Tea towels
Smoke detectors
Carbon monoxide detector
Stair gates

Those are the critical things. Although some more important than others.

On the wants list are naice new bedding, a new mattress, catflap.

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ememem84 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:40:33

laska nope no removals waiting. We’re taking immediate possession tomorrow after court.

Not planning on moving in until we have the essential bits (curtains and washing machine and freezer). And may do a bit of decorating. Although don’t need to. Well shouldn’t.

We want to get upstairs rads replaced with more eco ones. So will get those done before we move in.

But we can get removals in to take our stuff to the place mid week as Fridays and Saturdays they’re fully booked usually.

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Laska5772 Thu 11-Oct-18 21:41:09

Hi wolf cag Just snuggly.. everyone wine gin brew

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