I bought a "The Sun" Legoland ticket on ebay...

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AngelofTroy Sat 29-Sep-18 12:44:37

We collected voucher codes from The Times to get two cheaper tickets to Legoland in October, and as we needed one more I bought one off of eBay, only it turns out to be a free ticket from The Sun with someone else's name printed on. Does anyone know if they check ID on these? I don't want to go and one of us have to pay full price on the gate which is £60! Anyone have any experience?

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joyceyp Mon 01-Oct-18 09:06:08

Hi Angeloftroy, I bought 4 and savers tickets from eBay last week and we went to legoland on Friday smile you just scan the tickets and go straight through, no one checks anything. Have a great time we loved it!

joyceyp Mon 01-Oct-18 09:07:08

Oops that was mean to say 'sun savers'🙄

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