Frugalleers Spending September Safeguarding our Shiny Shillings

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Wolfcub Sun 09-Sep-18 14:07:04

Welcome to mid September frugal folk

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lifelongfrugaleer Sun 09-Sep-18 14:32:52

Great title wolf

mammynowanauntyIRL Sun 09-Sep-18 14:41:28

Love the title & the people of this thread

Yesterday's spends €2.20 parking, €4 soup, €45.17 on soft & hard beverages!!

LonelyOversharer Sun 09-Sep-18 14:41:58

Thanks wolf if it's just the bladder, I'd look on amazon or ebay for spares type people. We had camelbaks in the shop but they are ££ and sold 2 in 6 yrs!

Just had a nap! Gotta love sundays, the girls have foraged for lunch (kitchen bursting with food), so all quiet here.

CurvyInAllTheWrongPlaces Sun 09-Sep-18 14:45:55

Thanks for the new thread wolf, you can get bladders in sports direct for about £10

CurvyInAllTheWrongPlaces Sun 09-Sep-18 14:51:17

Wolf outdoor value has a 2ltr for £2.69

Right must get back to tidying

Girliefriendlikesflowers Sun 09-Sep-18 14:52:30

We've been out for lunch, my mum paid and it was very nice so that's good.

Neck hurting again and now getting cramp in my arms - feel like such a wreck! Am lying down for a bit.

Thanks for the new thread wolf


Cagliostro Sun 09-Sep-18 15:00:46

Thanks for the new thread 😀

Wolfcub Sun 09-Sep-18 15:02:42

Thanks folks, bladder ordered, I’d like to see ds try and drink 2l of water mind you, it’s a fight to get a cup down him a day usually

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SummerDaize Sun 09-Sep-18 15:33:50

Thanks for the thread Wolf. smile

For a moment there I thought someone needed bladder replacement surgery. Eeek!

I have spent no money today. Woohoo!

northender Sun 09-Sep-18 15:41:40

Thanks for the new thread wolf

SummerDaize Sun 09-Sep-18 15:52:22

I just found a big spider sitting in bed next to me. That was a bit surprising.

Bornlazy Sun 09-Sep-18 16:14:08

Summer I would have had a heart attack shock Was it a slow spider wink

SummerDaize Sun 09-Sep-18 16:43:19

As a matter of fact it was a dead spider. grin

There's been a fair bit of that lately though. The other day I had an actual lie in, in bed, and had to get up finally because a spider ran up my arm twice. And a few weeks ago I was sitting up in the night pondering and a bit spider ran up my arm.

Oddly, I don't seem to mind. I think I have bigger fish to fry these days and spiders just don't register any more.

SummerDaize Sun 09-Sep-18 16:52:00

I've just spent the whole day lying in bed and now have to saddle up to go to this orchestra thing. Will you cross your fingers for me? I'm hoping that if I can find the building then not much more will be expected of me on a first visit.

mammynowanauntyIRL Sun 09-Sep-18 17:17:17

€8.65 on ice cream chocolate and crisps, hangover munchies, back to mfp & Team Rh now grin

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 09-Sep-18 17:22:21

£5 aldi but i'll get £2.29 back on a refund.
£5 petrol
£20 Tesco but £9 of that was slippers, £5 cat food and the rest a huge container of oil and pearl barley for stews.

lonely When asda run out of items on offer instore they used to give you a voucher to buy it at the offer price on a later date. If you emailed customer services they might do the same for you buy refunding the difference on your next shop.

If you register with mysupermarket theres a function to track the price of items and they email you when it goes on offer.

Justanothermile Sun 09-Sep-18 17:22:52


I've been out all day so missed the discussions...

I'll catch up now, but I'm £25 up. I won my age group at the half marathon I ran today. I spent so many years not being able to run due to my back, and I never thought I'd get back to the level I ran at before. I'm close to it now. Means a lot, running was my life outside my family.

Sorry, don't mean that to sound smug. Or bragging. I'm buzzing though!!

And knackered, made the dc walk the dogs, clean the chickens and make tea, I'm watching Escape to the Country. 

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 09-Sep-18 17:23:05

Thanks Wolf.

Justanothermile Sun 09-Sep-18 17:23:24

I copied that post from the the other thread.

I adore that title!

mammynowanauntyIRL Sun 09-Sep-18 17:26:26

Well done jam you should brag that's a fantastic achievement star

thistimenextsummer Sun 09-Sep-18 17:38:49

Ooh I love a good read! Thanks for all the recommendations. I've recently read Eleanor Oliphant. It didn't appeal to me at all but was highly recommended so I gave it a go. Loved it. Sobbed for the last few chapters.

Almost had a frugal disaster this morning when I realised that an amazon voucher I ordered earlier in the week was still in the cardboard packaging in the recycling box - recycling day is tomorrow shock

We've had a spendy, albeit planned, day out today. Took my niece as well to give my sister a well earned break. We went to the seaside and spent:
£3.50 parking, £2 coffee for me, £24 lunch, £7.50 donkeys, £8 arcades, £5 icecreams. Think I've totalled that at £50. A day's entertainment for 6 is ok with me.

QuitelovesStrictly Sun 09-Sep-18 17:41:41

Well done Jam
What a great achievement 🥇🎊🎉
Yes its been an interesting day .

Im knitting for a bit,outside but the minute the sun goes I will be in as its getting chilly in the evenings now.
This weather really suits me as I dont get too hot cycling into work/home.
Leftover roast but with fresh vegetables so nice and easy.
I got bulbs
Orange Toolips 😂
Parrot tulips-pinky and dark burgundy
Grape hyacinths
Some other blue ones to go under the Orange Toolips
Lots of crocus and snowdrops.

Wolfcub Sun 09-Sep-18 18:02:45

Well done a Jam. Good luck Summer

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Fluffycloudland77 Sun 09-Sep-18 18:07:41

North Would you consider a second hand spinner? it's the sort of thing to come up in house clearance's and flu season is coming up.

JAM Well done. A half marathons a serious athletic achievement at any age.

Flu vaccinations should be available soon , last years cheapest vaccination was asda for £5. It's cheaper than a bout of flu. I think the earliest they do it is first week in October for non risk groups.

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