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Sweets123 Mon 30-Jul-18 13:00:39

I've been considering trying to do more of the food shop in Aldi, and then top up with any bits that I can't get there. DS is gluten free and it does add up. Do Aldi do any nice gluten free foods?

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WooYa Mon 30-Jul-18 13:01:56

Yeah they've got a great gluten free range

Auntpetunia2015 Mon 30-Jul-18 13:03:36

Also their burgers meatballs and sausages have been gf for years but only recently advertised as such. Lidl also do a good gf range which they have in permanently and not just as specials

tizwozliz Mon 30-Jul-18 13:04:55

They don't stock the gluten free range in all stores, so no bread, crackers, biscuits, cereal etc. in our local stores.

DoodlingMyName Mon 30-Jul-18 13:05:20

Our Aldi sometimes have a few GF items (mainly sauces, snack bars or crisps/snacks) but it's inconsistent so you can't rely on them to have stocks in. I pick them up when I see them but rely on other supermarkets for regular supplies.

Magicstar1 Mon 30-Jul-18 13:06:45

I couldn't find the UK list, but here's a link to a list of what's available in Aldi Ireland. It'll give you an idea of what there is. MIL buys a lot there and it's lovely.

multivac Mon 30-Jul-18 13:07:04

If you live in Wales, you're in luck. As pps have said, the gluten range isn't stocked across all stores - so whilst you're good for sausages and meatballs, you may well be out of luck for bread, pasta and breakfast cereals.


Sweets123 Mon 30-Jul-18 14:03:51

Wow thank you that's all really helpful that list is fab too,.
I'm in not wales unfortunately so will probably have to go and have a look round but I have a good starting point now for bits to look out for smile

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