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The Friendly Frugaleers: Saving and chatting as the heatwave rolls on.

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BestFootForwardAndThenSome Tue 24-Jul-18 22:26:15

Now that I've put that in the title, we will almost certainly get snow. LOL!

Welcome to nearly-August.

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Cagliostro Tue 24-Jul-18 22:36:57

Thanks sunny smile

OMG Cagletini is driving me batshit. She has at least cheered up after I have her calpol. She cut her first toof on moving day grin so I think there may be more coming as she has all the symptoms still.

Of course now she is happily exploring the bedroom and banging wooden blocks together. I will need to move them to a different room. But at least the screaming has stopped for now!

Em definitely totally normal to just need a damn break from the baby!!!

Anyone have any recommendations for broadband and phone? I'm not transferring plus net as I always seemed to pay more than I expected

Girliefriendlikesflowers Tue 24-Jul-18 22:57:24

Thanks for the new thread sunny hope you feel better soon.

I'm with EE cag they've always been okay.

Lovely day at Lyme, spent around £20 on drinks, ice creams and fish n chips plus £5 parking.

Car goes for its mot tomos, really hoping it's okay!!

ChristmasSeacow Tue 24-Jul-18 23:04:43

Cheers Sunny.

Love Lyme Regis Girlie. I’d like to go back but DS didn’t like it, too many dogs hmm.

Also love Calpol Cag wink

SneakyGremlins Tue 24-Jul-18 23:05:57

Can I join? smile

BestFootForwardAndThenSome Tue 24-Jul-18 23:13:32

Absolutely Sneaky. Welcome to the group.

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SneakyGremlins Tue 24-Jul-18 23:14:17

Thankyou! I have lurked on a couple previous threads.

BestFootForwardAndThenSome Tue 24-Jul-18 23:18:23

Good stuff. If you would like to tell us about your situation then we'd be glad to listen and help if we can. A lot of us started here by watching the YNAB tutorials online. That's "You Need A Budget" software.

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SneakyGremlins Tue 24-Jul-18 23:31:36

To be vagueish (hope that's alright) I've recently gone on ESA due to a serious illness - except it hasn't been approved yet, I only have £250 to my name and I REALLY need to stop spending so much! Illness made me quit uni so I need to adjust from "Oh I can spend because I'll have another huge maintenance loan coming soon" because that isn't the case anymore blush

mammynowanauntyIRL Wed 25-Jul-18 00:07:35

Putting ds in with H would be more of a punishment to ds than H 

Wreck that's ok then I guess

Life have you gone to gp yet?

Welcome @SneakyGremlins

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 25-Jul-18 06:39:32

Hi Sneaky [smile

Cag Not Vodafone or bt. Mil has EE, really happy with it. Don't know what the cashbacks like though. EE sometimes do free fibre upgrades.

ememem84 Wed 25-Jul-18 06:57:22

Thanks sunny

Oh cag poor cagletini. But yay toof!!!! Clever girl!!!

After all of ds’ fussing He slept through. So obviously he was tired.

It’s frustratung because yesterday I only had an hour with him once I got home from the gym and half of that he cried and screamed. 😪

Dh did the food shop but did not buy he ant chocolate as I’d requested.

lifelongfrugaleer Wed 25-Jul-18 07:14:46

Thanks sunny

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 25-Jul-18 07:33:06

Thank you sunny

QuiteCleanBandit Wed 25-Jul-18 07:42:45

LTB em grin joke !!!
I have a nice stash of dark choc in my desk.
Mmm currently Aldi mint or seasalt .
Frustrating ,hopefully a good sleep has perked him and you up .
Its payday -the usual ,will sort savings,budget etc out later.
I didnt sleep well -teenagers herd of elephants came in and woke me up and then later I snored and woke myself up blush so attractive !

My savings are looking nice and healthy smile

WreckTangled Wed 25-Jul-18 07:51:57

Oh no em I would be mad!

Thanks sunny

We're on the beach eating McDonald's breakfast.

ememem84 Wed 25-Jul-18 08:05:33

wreck that sounds ace!

quite I may have to! <jokes> although I’m sure ltb has happened for much less

I’m going to pop into the shop at lunchtime and grab some. He says he forgot because it wasn’t on the list.

lifelongfrugaleer Wed 25-Jul-18 08:40:48

Nah don't need a doctor, probably viral. I have no infection markers.

Bornlazy Wed 25-Jul-18 08:59:39

Thanks Sunny for new thread.

Need to get back on top of meal planning as I’ve let it slip a bit. I just don’t enjoy cooking and see it as such a chore, and then when you go to all the effort and the kids decide they don’t like that particular meal anymore it’s soul destroying 😫

CurlsandCurves Wed 25-Jul-18 09:07:24

Cheers for the new thread sunny

Welcome sneaky

Got to pay a lump sum off next years holiday today, never nice handing over loads of cash like that! But at least that’s it till next May when the balance is due.

Ordered a couple of dresses from Boohoo for hold which arrived yesterday. I take the same dresses on holiday every year for about the last 5 years so it was about time I treated myself. I’m only keeping one tho, didn’t like the other.

DS1 has his birthday sleepover tonight. I’m going to nip to Asda to get some of their handmade pizzas, it’ll be cheaper than getting a takeaway.

I went through the joint account last night and worked out how much was bills and how much was just bits and bobs spending. There’s plenty goes in there each month to cover the bills, so it’s the spending on other things that needs to stop, or be regulated more carefully. It’s not been easy these last few months with various appliances breaking down, car tax renewal, insurance renewal etc. But on the last day of the month I will make sure the account is at zero balance and have a fresh start for August. Which should be fairly straightforward given we are away for 2 weeks if it, lol.

WreckTangled Wed 25-Jul-18 09:36:36

Dc just hd their first proper swim in the sea ever (as they can both swim now) was a bit hairy as the tide is quite strong.

ememem84 Wed 25-Jul-18 09:51:32

Ffs. I may have to ltb. Dh dropped me off at work and carried on to drop ds at nursery. He called me at 830 ish and asked me where ds’ nursery Bag was. Apparently it’s not in the car and he’s had to go back to get it.

Despite me asking him before we left the house if he had everything....despite me packing the nursery bag. And me carrying the baby, my stuff, two bin bags out of the house. So had no arms left.

Somehow this is apparently my fault.

Dh has called again to bemoan the fact that he has used up his lunch today driving back to collect said bag. And now can’t go to the gym. And he can’t go after work because I’m going out with a friend. So that’s my fault too.


Am definetly buying chocolate.

BestFootForwardAndThenSome Wed 25-Jul-18 09:58:37

Em Have you and your dh seen this cartoon? It explains exactly the problem that you are talking about.

I don't get to bemoan this problem because I have no paid job so it's actually my job to do all this thinking as well as the doing, bit if you and your dh are both working full time then it makes perfect sense for him to share the mental load of managing at home too.

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ememem84 Wed 25-Jul-18 10:07:20

Is that the “you should have asked” cartoon sunny I’ve seen that one...

Today is the first time we’ve had an issue like this. Dh and I have different ideas (apparently) of what being “ready” and “having everything” is.

WreckTangled Wed 25-Jul-18 10:08:32

Em he's annoyed with himself and taking it out on you.

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