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martini Mon 16-Jul-18 22:59:09

So I'm going to aldis tomorrow for the first time in about a year ,what are your favourites and what items are horrible ,I have just moved house so need to totally stock kitchen up so all kinds of cubboard /pantry foods will be bought so just looking for some recommendations really thanks

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TheDuchessofDukeStreet Tue 17-Jul-18 03:31:47

Hi Op. I don’t shop at Aldi as often as I ought to but here goes.
Condiments such as salad cream, ketchup, vinegar, barbecue sauce
Meat, sliced cooked meat and chicken
DP likes their ice cream
Raspberry ice lollies
Lemonade, flavoured water
Microwave rice pouches for DP

Blondie1984 Tue 17-Jul-18 03:39:00

Their cotton face pads are fab and much cheaper than other places
Their version of Total Greek yoghurt is nice and so is the moser Roth chocolate

Slartybartfast Tue 17-Jul-18 07:42:26

I like their shampoo, frozen fruit is a good price, as is bread.

absinthfaerie Tue 17-Jul-18 13:21:32

cornflakes, wraps, nuts, yoghurts, organic eggs, coconut oil (or any oils to be honest), chopped tomatoes, pasta, 5 min flavoured cous-cous pouches (roast veggies or sundried tomato ones) - love these, super convenient and only about 30p per packet, there's enough for two people in it!

3GreenBottles Tue 17-Jul-18 13:26:50

Wine grin
Frozen tropical fruit for smoothies
Continental cheese and cured meats (very good)
Moser Roth chocolate
Frozen sweet potato fries <yum>
Fish and seafood - limited selection in my local one, but good quality
Lacura skincare - the Q10 serum and caviar night cream are fantastic

newcupcake Tue 17-Jul-18 13:33:58

White choc chip cookies


Leatherboundanddown Tue 17-Jul-18 20:55:28

I haven't ever had something from there that is bad. The products I buy again and again are the greek yoghurt in the round, flat tub, sweet potato falafels, ground coffee, pain au chocolat pack of 8, fishcakes (fridge),
Raspberry ice lollies, feta cheese, mojito juice drink from the fridge (better than the m&s one imo) and lots of the wines. Their cheapest basic prosecco is perfectly drinkable. I like their version of aperol and baileys too, you can't go wrong.

martini Tue 17-Jul-18 23:01:27

Thanks everyone I bought all that was recommended

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Branleuse Tue 17-Jul-18 23:03:09

Their ketchup is gross, but most things are fine

Slartybartfast Wed 18-Jul-18 05:53:23

I drink shop's own brand Gold coffee but Aldi was not to be recommended.

Sammy900 Thu 19-Jul-18 21:04:53

I went in today to do my shop and they have packet mixes for chicken casserole / chilli con carne / beef stew etc for 22p each - cant go wrong there

Love their organic range - meat is perfectly fine and cheap! Wet wipes and nappies are the best, better than all the main brands we found

Their alcohol selection is also the best value

Iwantaunicorn Sat 21-Jul-18 17:24:42

Their version of vanish for stain removal is absolutely immense, haven’t met a stain it hasn’t shifted yet!

Slartybartfast Sat 21-Jul-18 17:30:19

I buy value bake beans, and DH loves Aldi's version of value beans

SimonBridges Sat 21-Jul-18 17:33:25

Jelly beans !

CQCnamechange Sat 21-Jul-18 17:35:14

Organic pino Grigio

ElspethFlashman Sat 21-Jul-18 17:36:04

Honestly most things are really good. Food and non food. There's a de-greaser in an orange bottle which is my new favourite thing. And their q10 night cream is great.

I really like Aldi.

Lindah1 Sat 21-Jul-18 17:39:10

The mango chutney used to be a bit vinegary but that was years ago, may be ok now

IggyAce Sat 21-Jul-18 17:48:50

The Chinese chicken stir fry meal kit is fab.
Oaties biscuits
Sweet popcorn
Luxury Coleslaw
Large tea cakes

OuEstPierreLapin Sat 21-Jul-18 17:55:56

CQCNamechange Love the organic Pino Grigio and Prosecco. Think the bottles are really nice too.

OuEstPierreLapin Sat 21-Jul-18 17:56:28

Their posh pizzas are excellent.

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