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Frulgaleers - Jumping into June

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Laska5772 Wed 30-May-18 22:06:04

We filled up the last thread before we did a new one!
Hope you find this !

Loveabaconsandwich Wed 30-May-18 22:12:20

Thanks laska

I am busy job application writing at the moment so will lurk a bit for the next few days until I have finished my master piece. Ha!

I channelled my inner fluffy earlier and complained about my broken saucepan lid. They have sent me a return label and will get a full refund. Need new saucepans now (I had the tefal stacking ones). They haven’t dishwashered well so will get something else. Any recommendations?

Laska5772 Wed 30-May-18 22:12:55

I have to say that May was my most unfrugal month I think since I have been doing this, but then that's just what it is like sometimes..
June is also looking spendy,

I'm paying my DS rent utilities etc for a couple of months in the hope he will find work again very soon, and not have to lose his flat, and we are going on holiday in three weeks .

At least thorough previous frugalling i now have savings .

I have also officially semi retired from work as from 1st June grin so Ill be on P/T wages ( and pension) from now on..This is the first time i have worked P/T ever in my working life which started at 16!! ..

Cagliostro Wed 30-May-18 22:23:59

Placemarking cheers laska 💐⭐️

northender Wed 30-May-18 22:24:54

Thanks Laska

AuditAngel Wed 30-May-18 22:24:59

One thing I didn't mention, us that my lovely new boss has told me that I am underpaid. She has said she wants me to be happy, doesn't want to lose me!

We gave just made a job offer to a man who will come into the department as a manager, I'm a director. I don't know what he has been offered, I do know she made a low offer as a he some skills that need developing, and she wants this done during his probation period, 6 months.

The last one we interviewed was asking £7k more than I am on, although I also have a car (she said that would estimate as £5k although my BIK for car and fuel is about £10k) and I have private medical of about £2.5k.

But, she has told me that I should be on a substantially higher package.

My appraisal is next month, I am hopeful that I will get a nice rise.

mammynowanauntyIRL Thu 31-May-18 05:48:38

Thanks for new thread Laska

Em if the ulcers end up on your inner cheek or gums this stuff is amazing to sort them out. It's like a cement and sticks to the ulcer & allows to heal. I'd one recently on my upper gum nearly under my nose and two nights putting this one cleared it up
Audit* great to know you're valued at work

mammynowanauntyIRL Thu 31-May-18 05:49:07

This sorry

mammynowanauntyIRL Thu 31-May-18 05:50:22

Best to put on before bed if at front of mouth as it gets gummy and sometimes moves and you could have a blob on your teeth while talking to someone and not know it grin

SunnyLikeThursday Thu 31-May-18 06:48:45

Em TCP is great for getting rid of mouth ulcers quickly. You just dab a tiny bit on and they are gone in the morning.

Thanks Christmas. Yes I haven't been travelling for four years, so having two holidays in a row is pretty exciting. The degree thing is weird. I know a lot of people with much better qualifications than me in Cambridge also feel overawed though, so it's a general thing, and not just me. I try to think of my department as though it was the one where I trained and a second home and that helps. denial is the answer

Wolfcub Thu 31-May-18 06:54:44

It’s payday Woot Woot. I was literally down to the change in my purse but actually that’s an achievement as I’d normally have been in the overdraft.
Booked holiday last night using credit card (which I cleared the balance on first.
Refunded h the money he’d put into the joint account for May that was more than manitainance should be by my calculation - he hasn’t changed his direct debit for household expenses since the split so £500 back to him.
Checked work email this morning and they are sending a lump sum over today to cover the pay cock up. It won’t be all they owe me but it’ll help. I will need to keep some of that aside as I think they’ve gorgottten to knock of the allowance that I shouldn’t be paid in my new role so they are likely to take that back at the end of June leaving me in a pay pickle again.
Wage divided up into different account pots ready to start the month
Ds has a haircut today £15 other than that hoping for a nsd

Thank you for the new thread Laska

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 31-May-18 06:55:43

Audit I hope you get a big rise. Have you looked at what other directors in similar companies get?.

Em Try and get generic chlorhexidene mouthwash, it’ll be half the price but it’s what dentists over here would prescribe. Your dentist might sell it as a post op antiseptic. It’ll be behind the counter in boots, I bet they don’t put them out by the cordysl grin

love My stellar pans from to maxx are lasting well. They don’t like the dw but it means the outsides get a rainbow effect on them which I wash off every so often with cream cleaner.

lifelongfrugaleer Thu 31-May-18 07:48:02

Bollocks lost my post on the old thread

Thanks laska

WreckTangled Thu 31-May-18 07:48:47

Audit that's good news. Are you ok otherwise?

Wolf woo hoo for the holiday! And pleased work have done something to at least help.

Em users suck

I'm starting my new job today for a few hours, just learning the ropes then this afternoon off on an overnight spa trip with a friend.

Cagliostro Thu 31-May-18 07:52:31

I need to get more Corsodyl actually. I have seen that Wilko has a generic one but it says chlorhexidine gluconate instead of chlorhexidine digluconate... would that make a difference? As presumably a slightly different compound <tries to sound like she knows science>

I am knackered after a rubbish night, baby really is too big for the basket now as she seems to wake up if she scoots back a bit and touches the top of it. And if the cotbed had been delivered properly yesterday, she would have been in that instead. 😡

Will be out in the afternoon. Parents visiting, I really need pyjamas for summer so will pop into Primark. And DD needs underwear, literally just one pair so hoping I can get an individual one - as with crop tops as mentioned on the previous thread, she is super fussy about them due to sensory issues, so we normally stick to one type. But they show under her ballet leotard so she needs something with a high leg just for Fridays. She wears shorts over her gym leotard so doesn’t really matter then.

Frugal win, I was really worried about DD’s first gym competition, as a friend said that company insist on them wearing the proper branded leotard for competing, which is £50 (and hand wash only) 😱😱😱 and I’d only just bought her a new cheapbutnice one on Amazon. But they’ve said what she has is fine, thank goodness.

ememem84 Thu 31-May-18 07:52:37

Thanks all for the suggestions. I tried corsodly yesterday (found some in cupboard hooray!) and also will pop some tcp on tonight as we have that!

Put some dental wax on the bits of my aligners behind my teeth last night to stop me rubbing my tongue against it in the night.

Thursday. Almost a week down.

Dh said mil was funny about him dropping me into work every day so far this week. He’s only doing it because he has to pick her up from her friends. And she insists on being picked up at 9. He’s going through town so makes sense to drop me in too....also he’s offered. So....

Anyway. Work again today. Am so so glad I’m working. I could not have spent two weeks with mil. Dh is struggling now.

According to him she hasn’t put her hand in her pocket once. Is expecting him to drive her everywhere as she hasn’t hired a car. And (dh’s moan not mine) hasn’t brought anything for ds with her. Nothing.

She’s also (annoyingly) taken the liberty of wrapping dnephews birthday gift for me. I’m going to have to undo it and make sure it’s all in there.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 31-May-18 07:58:43

I don’t think it’ll make a huge difference Cag, it’s the one the dental hospital in Birmingham prescribed for Dh. I don’t think they’d use it if there was no evidence it worked because everything is evidence based practice now.

Plus the dental hospital was rammed and they want you healed and off the books soon as possible.

It’s paracetamol v panadol.

Thanks Laska.

mammynowanauntyIRL Thu 31-May-18 08:12:50

love I've the tefal ingenio saucepans with removable handle but I don't allow them into dishwasher, and have removed metal utensils from kitchen too. My last tefal saucepans are destroyed from dishwasher.
Have heard the ones fluffy has recommended. Dsil's dm has her le creuset frying pan over 40 years and it's still going strong so if you can afford to invest a bit more, it's probably one place that really pays off.

wolf well done for staying out of the overdraft and delighted for you that you've got your holiday booked too.

Our account is looking good ahead of all of next week's direct debits. Once H's transfer goes through I'll have half the property tax for both properties paid, all direct debit categories filled and €60 for savings/fun money for bank holiday weekend and when child benefit goes through it will all go to savings for first time this year.
It's most unusual for us (of late) to have all those categories filled so early, hopefully it's as a result of good ynabbing rather than forgetting something grin

mammynowanauntyIRL Thu 31-May-18 08:18:24

em not glad for your dh that his dm is wearing him down but glad for you because it shows him that you are not wrong about her grin

life I attempted to post to last thread 12 times, then copied my text and realised what problem was

ChristmasSeacow Thu 31-May-18 08:23:57

It will work the same Cag. Chlorhexidine is the active ingredient, the other just helps it dissolve.

My back is much worse again today. Looking forward to dragging my bag down to Devon hmm. I will be hitting the M&S foodhall for a picnic lunch and treats. So not an NSD!

I have to decide which pair of red shoes to keep. The heels are sooo much more beautiful and make me feel dressy and pretty. The flats are nice but with dresses it’s all a bit frumpy. I don’t know how much difference heels will make to my back. I won’t be walking or standing much in them either way. Dilemma.

ChristmasSeacow Thu 31-May-18 08:25:32

The heels are £50 cheaper (I was naughty and ordered lk Bennett shoes blush)

Cagliostro Thu 31-May-18 08:31:27

Aha! Thank you. I shall pop into Wilko forthwith.

That’s such a weird word. Forthwith.

SunnyLikeThursday Thu 31-May-18 08:47:21

That made my day Cag. Forthwith is a word that should be used more often, and not just on special occasions I think.

Laska5772 Thu 31-May-18 08:59:04

I love it . Forthwith.. I also love Nevertheless and Indeed.
I like to use indeed a lot in my research reports! ( makes then sound more academic and poncy! less crap that is

I am taking DGS and Ds to fun adventure park ( another expensive day coming up) but have bought season tickets as its supposed to be good and the season is only twice the admission price.
Its supposed to rain though.. ( never mind we can get wet and go again tomorrow!).

I did a dreadful thing. DGS (5)came into room at 5.15 (eek) he was in bed with me for about half and hour then i said 'go downstairs and ill be down in a min and of course i fell asleep.. hour and a half later blush
Dont tell mummy... (he fine of course)

Laska5772 Thu 31-May-18 09:00:04

Bad granny point..

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