Moving from tax credits to universal credits

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reillys1 Mon 02-Apr-18 19:48:22

Hi was just wondering does anyone know what exactly happens when there is a change in circumstances and moved to universal credits. my childcare price will change soon as child older and Wondering do they look for everything again like bank statements etc. Thank you

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reillys1 Tue 03-Apr-18 20:41:26

Not sure did last message post or not or if I'm in the right topic

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WoodliceCollection Thu 12-Apr-18 19:40:44

Hi reillys, I've had changes in childcare and not had to move to universal credit- have you been definitely told you will have to? I think it depends a lot on area where you live, unfortunately I can't work out exactly how it would affect things (I think I'll be worse off when it changes- working 30h weeks, 2 children, one in childcare, but some people might be better off too- my youngest changed from nursery to after school club though and was not moved onto universal credit then).

reillys1 Thu 12-Apr-18 22:06:46

Thank you for your reply. My area only moved since feb. I haven't been told i need to change over but my price of childcare will change for me come summer and I wondered will that trigger it as I will be worse off. Plus do u need to get all paper work again. Dreading the change over

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