Earning double than last year but spending gone through the roof!

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coffeemugged Tue 27-Feb-18 21:46:45

Try YNAB - I hear good things.

Otherwise put savings money on payday into an ISA or an account you can't get access to straight away.

Notreallyhappy Tue 27-Feb-18 17:45:07

I've looked at this this weekend....spending shit loads on nothing.
Meal planning works but I think there shouldn't be top up shops.
This week i did a proper shop with extra milk in a good date bread for freezer plus all the fresh vegetables meat etc and it came to £65 (lidl & tesco) there's enough for 3 grownups (19 yearold ds) breakfast dinner & tea plus snacks.. no beer/wine included as we had some in.
I've unsubscribed to clothes & shoe sites so there's not a temptation..I like shoes.
It's about not going out to the shop for me.

user187656748 Tue 27-Feb-18 15:39:43

I think its easy to do when your income goes up but all that you can really do is be disciplined, whether that means deleting your amazon account or using cash only depends on you but if you are struggling to be disciplined then it might be worth a go.

Crazyladee Tue 27-Feb-18 15:36:43

FFS help me stop spending money!

I can't reveal what I do for a living as it is too outing but I work from home but I am out and about with free time to myself everyday. I am earning more than double than last year and yet:-

I can't for the life of me save anything up. I transfer money into various savings accounts for things like Xmas, holidays etc when I get paid and then end up transferring it back again!
Money runs out before the month is up (see above!)

I meal plan online but then find myself nipping into the supermarket for odds and sods. Mainly top up shops.

I feel like a failure for not having anything to show for my change in career. I am terrible for things like coffees and lunches out and Amazon is bloody addicting!! I have read that a cash only approach works well (I never use cash for anything, just my card) can anyone back this up?

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