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Need to increase income. Advice please

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nixnjj Mon 26-Feb-18 22:36:27

Let me start by saying I'm a single mum on esa due to serious mental health issue. Due to my landlord having me over a barrel I'm struggling. He's recently disconnected my gas fire in the living room which means I can no longer move us all in to the living room and just keep one room warm. I had to use central,hearing today and a weeks worth of electric has gone in 2 day and looking at it I'm going to need an extra £40 per week to keep,us warm.

Can anyone suggest ways for me to earn extra money. I'm agrophobia so going out and getting a job is not as easy as it sounds. Anxiety when bad keeps me bedbound and the stress is making my depression worse.

I've tried reading advice on here and moneysaving expert but not ?much is going in and everything seems so,confusing, stress and mental health is making me stupid.

Can anyone suggest ways that I could make an extra £40 per week. Due to agrophobia and social anxiety Avon, Osboure etc are out of the question. I didn't try mystery shopping but massive panic attacks whe being out meant that didn't work out.

Please if anyone has some wise ideas, as at the moment I feel like a total,failure as a mum. My poor lad doesn't even has a warm winter coat and is in desperate need for new school shoes and a haircut. He's even offered to sell his Xbox so we can have heat over the forecasted cold snap

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nixnjj Mon 26-Feb-18 22:39:14

Added info. Before breakdown I was not stupid I had a good career,excellent childminder and a future. Most days I can string a sentence together. It's the agrophobia and panic attacks if I have to leave the house that is the biggest hurdle. How can I make money based at home

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bootygirl Tue 27-Feb-18 09:59:33

Could nt read & run. I don't live in the uk. But do you have any charities that will help near you. For example St Vincent de Paul help with utilities here in Ireland. Also a charity that deals with MH issues may be a personal support....
Please reach out to a food bank so that you could put the food money to heating?
Long term the only thing I could think of was pet sitting or dog walking. I know your agrophpbic but is your son old enough to do the dog walking?
Not sure if you earn much for on line surveys but even if you got a voucher for something you would need to buy anyway put that money away for emergencies. Even £10 a month over a year might help for winter coat.
Not sure if I ve been of any help but you are not alone. X

bootygirl Tue 27-Feb-18 10:00:09

Could you take in ironing?

flapjackfairy Tue 27-Feb-18 10:06:57

Why has gas fire been disconnected? Can that be sorted out ? That might help in the short term .
I am so sorry you are struggling so much . I also think local charities could be a big help here and yes to the food bank.
Also what about online surveys ? No experience but people seem to make modest amounts doing them which would be a bit of a help.
I am frankly appalled that people have to struggle just to survive in such a wealthy country !
Very best wishes nix . I hope things improve for you x

coffeemugged Tue 27-Feb-18 21:49:45

Look at applying for a grant.

Smallwood Trust are good. You don't need to leave the house for that.

Also more local grant providers on turntous.

nixnjj Wed 28-Feb-18 08:02:46

Thanks for the replies.

The reason he's disconnected the fire is due to the fact that the house is 30 years old, other than putting in double glazing which was a legal requirement he has done nothing with the house since purchase, kitchen carpets and bathroom all original and he won't spend a penny he doesnt have to and apparently he has had issues with the flue in similar properties.

Taking in ironing is a possibility but I know there are several local companies that do that and I think it's similar to clean where insurance is need but will definitely look into that, similar with dog walking and again a lady on the next street runs a doggy hotel. Not sure how many people would be happy with a 13 year old and it would have to be after school hours and when I looked into before most companies use vans and have insurance etc. I possibly could look into babysitting locally, taxi and straight into a house is possible.

I'll look into online surveys. I used to do,them when I was on maternity leave years back and never made much but free nappies and stuff came in helpful.

I use a mental Heath group so I will ask about charity's and swallow my pride and find out about food banks.

Thanks for all the good advice

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helpmum2003 Wed 28-Feb-18 08:06:12

On a good day when you can get out of the house it may be worth going to Citizen's advice bureau?

So sorry to hear your circumstances.

glitterbiscuits Wed 28-Feb-18 08:46:30

Ironing sounds like a great plan. In the safety of your home, tv or music on.

Get a Facebook page set up, a before and after pictures of crumpled to pressed clothes.

Go for it!

Good luck.

BrendaSmith56 Fri 02-Mar-18 21:52:14

Could your son get a paper round before school. Our local newsagents pay £20 a week.

OverwhelminglyCrap Fri 02-Mar-18 21:57:52

You may be entitled to a cold weather payment. I know people here are getting £25 because it's been very cold for X amount of time.

MessySurfaces Sat 03-Mar-18 12:36:55

What did you do before, and what do you enjoy doing?
Copywrighting, proof reading, translating can all be done from home (the money is usually fairly shit). Accountancy is better. Maybe audio typing.
Is there anything in your former work you could still offer (eg writing up reports, invoicing, anything that can be split of as a delegatable task).

MessySurfaces Sat 03-Mar-18 12:38:47

Sorry- baby pressed send...
If there are crafts you enjoy, can you sell bits on Etsy? Again, it's not good money, but it is money, and if £40 a month would make all the difference it might help.
Good luck!!

bandito Sun 04-Mar-18 20:10:42

I work for a school OP. If you've not already, please have a chat with them. We fund shoes and and winter coats (and would probably the haircut too) if you let us know that things were tight at the moment. Many people are really struggling but are too scared to talk to school as they are worried about us calling in social services. Also, he will be a young carer so we particularly keep an eye on those - at my last place, they got a hot breakfast every day. Sorry to state the obvious if you've already done this.

Bl7589 Sun 04-Mar-18 20:14:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

specialsubject Tue 06-Mar-18 12:06:15

read the how to rent guide on, because your crook of a landlord won't have given it to you. I suspect you may be in a property with a too-low EPC. Environmental health may be able to enforce improvements.

Tiredofit Tue 06-Mar-18 12:30:19

Could you phone citizens advice and explain your predicament to them? Someone may be able to visit you to make sure that you are getting everything you are entitled to. If they can't visit you they may be able to advise over the phone. There are things like the warm home discount and cold weather payments you may be able to claim.

In our area organisers at the the local cathedral provide coats and shoes (also some school uniform) for people who are struggling and also lunch during the school holidays so that children who would usually get free school meals get fed.

Do let the school know as they may be able to help. You could also post on free-cycle/gumtree (or Facebook free pages but that's more public) asking for outgrown clothes in your son's size or anything else that you need. I realise going out is a problem for you but do you have any friends that would pick things up for you?

I hope you can get some help.

unlurk85 Tue 06-Mar-18 13:06:08

Google matched betting. It's not gambling and there's a great blog called Matched Betting Mum where a fab lady talks you through the process. Good luck xx

unlimiteddilutingjuice Tue 06-Mar-18 13:18:02

Hi OP, There's a lot of good advice on here.
I would also suggest a trip to the CAB. Here are some things you could ask about:
1. The "permitted work rules" allow you to do a small amount of paid work and keep your ESA. Ask for more information on this
2. If your mental health is deteriorating- might you also qualify for PIP? This would be extra money and might also passport you to an additional premium on your ESA
3. Can they enter some charity applications for you? Most energy firms have a hardship fund that can pay off utility arrears. There are also charities that do children's clothes and coats. It varies from area to area but the CAB are likely to know.
4. If you make regular payments for debts- can they help you renegotiate these?

If you can't make it out to the CAB- they have an advice guide on their website which covers a lot of the same ground.
You could also try money saving expert.

Good luck OP

Snog Wed 07-Mar-18 08:31:28

Could you be a virtual assistant or social media manager? Both can be done from home with a computer.
Sorry to hear you are having tough times OP, I feel for you.

paddypants13 Wed 07-Mar-18 08:36:04

Have a look at Arise op, you would be able to take calls at home and the hours are flexible. x

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