Anyone got a cheap mobile phone?

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ifonly4 Wed 24-Jan-18 15:48:02

If you've bought a cheap mobile phone recently or have a cheap mobile tariff, what make is it, are you happy with it or had any problems?

I've lost my mobile phone, I know it's in the house or car but haven't been able to find it for two weeks. I don't want to spend a lot so was looking at an Alcatel or Motorola but DH thinks I should go for an LG or Nokia (something basic though).

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Orangecake123 Wed 24-Jan-18 18:19:26

I would recommend Nokia. I've had the 100 model for around 6 years. I've dropped it a fair few times and it's been chucked around in my bag-
It's literally indestructible. I have a tesco pay as you go sim, but I rarely make phone calls for £10 can last me a few months.

Orangecake123 Wed 24-Jan-18 18:20:51

*so not for

Raver84 Thu 25-Jan-18 07:16:57

I've been on tesco mobile for years pay 10 per months for loads of texts and calls and 2gb. They do some cheap handsets in store though I've a Samsung on its 3rd year and been dropped so many times with no damage

Fekko Thu 25-Jan-18 07:18:27

I’m not sure if I can mention a website that sells ‘affordable mobiles’ - it has loads of deals that aren’t always advertised. You buy direct with the supplier though.

Fekko Thu 25-Jan-18 07:18:59

Tesco - only if you have a store close by. Otherwise if it breaks it takes ages to resolve.

ifonly4 Thu 25-Jan-18 08:21:16

Thanks for your replies, so far - I'm still interested in more as trying to decide on a brand.

Had a look at your suggestions and I can get all the makes I was considering at Tescos on a cheap deal. Tesco is next to where I work, so easy to pop in there with a problem.

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dannydyerismydad Thu 25-Jan-18 08:24:17

My mum picked up a good condition second hand iPhone 5 for £30 the other week. Has a sim only contact with TalkTalk for £8 a month.

BrazzleDazzleDay Thu 25-Jan-18 08:26:16

Id second tesco, uses the o2 network so excellent coverage. I have a samsung a3, 8 quid a month.

afferal Fri 26-Jan-18 12:25:48

Alcatel phones are awful.Dh and I both have different Alcatel phones locked into contract with Tesco, we are seriously considering paying to get out of our contracts the phones are that bad sad

afferal Fri 26-Jan-18 12:28:22

Just to add...we previously had Motorola phones with Tesco and both rated Motorola.I'm looking to swap back to a Motorola or nokia

MessySurfaces Sat 27-Jan-18 15:57:01

DP is on his second basic Nokia with DIRE predictive text, really irritating. So might be better off with Motorola...

BroomstickOfLove Sat 27-Jan-18 16:00:49

I have a Wileyfox phone, and really like it.

sinceyouask Sat 27-Jan-18 16:00:54

Dh has a Sony xperia on a tesco contract, it's either £10 or £12 a month. I'm with Vodafone but will probably swap to tesco when my contract is up as they do seem to be good value and good coverage.

Hippee Fri 13-Apr-18 21:48:46

In case anyone is searching historical threads on this, I bought three WileyFox phones on the recommendation of Munsnet users and so far two of the three have had to be returned - there is a known glitch that stops the phone working with the Facebook app if you don't keep on top of the updates immediately. Luckily Amazon have been fantastic about refunds (the second after 5 months). WileyFox customer services never replied to me.

Johnb0y Sun 15-Apr-18 14:35:42

Xiaomi mi a1 - Chinese equivalent of Samsung/IPhone , £140 from eglobal and SIM only deal from Giffgaff for £10 a month. Read the reviews of the Xiaomi phones.
Why people spend thousands on new Samsungs/iPhones is beyond me when 99% of the time you're just using a few apps to surf the internet and listen to music.

Notreallyhappy Sun 15-Apr-18 15:23:50

Have a Samsung j6 phone 18 months old and £8 each family sim with bt. 5gb data plus unlimited texts & calls

DairyisClosed Sun 15-Apr-18 15:34:33

8 have a huawei free with my plan. No complaints at all. Previously had an iPhone.

MoveDownSouth Sun 15-Apr-18 18:45:30

I have a Motorola C with Tesco at £7.50 a month. Cracking phone. Had no problems with it. Does everything I need.

woodlanddreamer Sun 15-Apr-18 18:48:20

I would recommend the Motorola range of phones

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