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lasketchup Tue 02-Jan-18 15:38:11

Has anyone tried the Chip app for savings? I saw it on the Skintdad page on Facebook a lot of people are raving about it but I’m not too sure.

Has anyone saved with it? Is it any good?

MrsBobtonTrent Wed 03-Jan-18 17:31:20

I use chip - it’s been really good for me. I don’t notice the money leaving my current account (but do get an opportunity to cancel the transfer each time). After a month or two these small payments really add up! It’s very simple to use and I like the little reports you can get (spending this month v last month, how long until target met etc.).

I have other, more structured, savings too, but this just feels like bonus money to me.

elaine1976 Mon 31-Dec-18 02:48:15

Hi guys, can we do referal codes here? If someone uses my code we get a 1% increase in savings each for a whole year! :D

Its 3K17WK

We could all share our referral codes if we are allowed?

El x

namechangedforanon Fri 04-Jan-19 08:41:54

Yes it’s fantastic ! I’ve saved over £1500 whilst I’ve been using it .

I’m also going to transfer some of my savings into it to take advantage of the interest rate .

Rainbowsandrascals Sun 06-Jan-19 21:07:52

Could I add my referral code too please?


MrsBobtonTrent Mon 07-Jan-19 12:49:41

If someone wants to use my referral code to sign up, I will send them £5 once their first save has been made. I will get a bonus 1% interest and you get £5 by PayPal or other agreeable method. PM me.

Rosco62 Wed 13-Feb-19 12:07:36

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couriervanman Sun 02-Jun-19 16:06:21

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bhayes90 Mon 17-Jun-19 10:20:32


I've been using chip app for about a year now, and have saved just over a grand. Which I never thought was going to happen!

I really love it, it does everything automatically but you can just cancel the save if you need it for other things. Plus if you want to withdraw you can too.

They've just updated it so that you can have different savings pots for things, which is also really useful. smile

I'd recommend it!
And if anyone wants to sign up, please use my invite code:


It would really help me out. Savings with banks offer ~1% interest, but at the moment i'm on 4% and hoping to get to 5%! :D

Thanks in advance,

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