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We’ve had our Merry Thriftmas, now bring on the Happy Fru Year! All welcome as we Frugaleer our way into January 2018.

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Cagliostro Sun 31-Dec-17 20:22:18

A new thread in case we are too tipsy (or in my case, asleep on the sofa) to remember later.

This is a friendly group where we chat all things money related and all things everything else related. Everyone welcome so settle in and let’s make 2018 the year we save money!

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giddyupnow Sun 31-Dec-17 20:34:07

I’m in for 2018! Name change but lurker. Happy new year!

Laska5772 Sun 31-Dec-17 20:36:48

Me me me me me me me! Happy New Year

lifelongfrugaleer Sun 31-Dec-17 20:43:15

Great title cag

LonelyOversharer Sun 31-Dec-17 20:44:57

Thanks cag! 2018 is pay down my frankly eyewatering debt year. Every penny spare or earned extra is going straight to my (many) credit cards!

Unescorted Sun 31-Dec-17 20:45:20

Thanks Cag XXX
Sea I am just putting shoes on Tonto to a Nye bash. I will post them in the morning. Hangover permitting 😂

Happy NY see you later.

Pinkpeppermintteaforme Sun 31-Dec-17 21:44:17

Thanks Cag and thanks to all for your support through my horrible anxiety.
Feeling greatcand really positive .
Lonely I love that you are sewing up camels grin
Staying in with a coke ,shepherds pie and sticky toffee -homemade.
Keep frugal !

AdoraBell Sun 31-Dec-17 21:46:39

Place marking

thanks for the new thread cag

🥂 for all. Happy New Year.

SnugglySnerd Sun 31-Dec-17 21:54:26

Happy new year!

Thanks for the new thread Cag.

New Year marks 3 years on this thread for me!

prettymess Sun 31-Dec-17 22:00:44

I’ll join you if that’s okay!

Cagliostro Sun 31-Dec-17 22:01:37

Welcome all! 💐

On a camel related note I read a Facebook memory from last year about DS (7 then) forgetting the word camel and coming up with his own name for them... desert llamas 😍😂

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Foodylicious Sun 31-Dec-17 22:01:56

Me too!

wornoutboots Sun 31-Dec-17 22:06:22

Room for another one in here?
I'm in a grump because I can't get my 5 year old to sleep and now done one is letting off fireworks. Just After I Told him he wasn't missing out on anything anyway!!!

AnotherShirtRuined Sun 31-Dec-17 22:07:01

May I join?

Loveabaconsandwich Sun 31-Dec-17 22:12:56

Hope everyone is having a nice evening. Off to bed soon (party, party here hmm)

We had reduced spicy potato wedges and chicken wings for our NYE treat- cost £2.35 halo

Welcome newbies.

Aims for 2018
Pay money off the mortgage
Save on food shopping and less wastage
Get rid of clutter
Only essential spend January

BlessYourCottonSocks Sun 31-Dec-17 22:14:45

I like your aims baconsandwich I might have to adopt them. They are roughly along the lines I was thinking about for this year.

Wrongwayup Sun 31-Dec-17 22:27:17

Happy new year. Spends. £20 tesco on nothing and £36 osteopathy. Hoping it works. X

mammymammyIRL Sun 31-Dec-17 22:34:34

Hey all grin
Frugal start to new year is won't need shower gel for a while, haven't opened all Christmas presents yet but I've now got 5 bottles grin

LonelyOversharer Sun 31-Dec-17 22:35:57

How do we all spend at least £20 in tescos on nothing? £20 in lidl = food.

Extra resolution: no more buying "nothing" when I only need milk and plain flour. I will stick to lists.

FridgeCut Sun 31-Dec-17 22:59:10

Place marking. Happy new year, crew.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 31-Dec-17 23:20:20

Thank you Cag.

Welcome everyone, there's always room for more.

Lonely I wonder what your freezer audit will uncover?.

ememem84 Mon 01-Jan-18 00:08:25

Happy 2018 y’all


Cagliostro Mon 01-Jan-18 00:34:10

Happy new year everyone! I'm about to snuggle down with Cagletini (for newbies, that's my 2 month old grin) after seeing in the new year watching a movie (Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists) and eating a turkey and stuffing sandwich from yesterday's roast grin

I've had 3 NSDs in a row thanks to not leaving the house. Had lots of fun times though. smile

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Bornlazy Mon 01-Jan-18 05:44:40

Happy New Year. Hope we all get what we wish for...

2018 is the year I need to get on top of all my money wastage - strip it right back to the basics and stop buying crap I don't need.

Cag so glad it fits. That was a speedy service from the Royal Mail 👍

SnugglySnerd Mon 01-Jan-18 06:45:46

Welcome new frugaleers!

I hope last night hasn't set the tone for the rest of 2018. The babies had a terrible night. I think I slept from about 11-2 then from about 3.30-6. I might has well have stayed up to see the new year in!

Anyway I hope 2018 is happy, healthy and frugal for you all.

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