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Help me save!!

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Blushme Fri 29-Dec-17 13:00:39

I’ve moved house and have a baby on the way. I really need some tips and ways that you have found help you save! My willpower is terrible I need to work on that. Would just appreciate any helpful hints thank you!

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MyYoniFromHull Fri 29-Dec-17 13:05:41

Transfer some money to savings at the beginning of the month. So it's already gone and not visible as available spends.

I take it back for holidays or expected large bills but out of sight /out of mind.

Also try using cashback sites for anything you need esp insurance and shop around each year (and don't buy things you don't need even if they are on offer! grin)

Change gas and electricity suppliers regularly and look for cashback on these too. Google for a discount code before you buy anything.

IfyouseeRitaMoreno Fri 29-Dec-17 13:06:26

There’s a free app called Daily Budget (icon is an orange pig) which is very simple to use and gives you a daily allowance based on outgoings and income.

I’ve saved quite a bit so far. Except for December where I managed it to go overboard on presents and entertainment which is quite an achievement!

Chocolatecake12 Fri 29-Dec-17 13:06:37

Always write a meal plan and write your shopping list according to that and stick to it! should take my own advice
Budget for things like birthdays and don’t go over budget.
Walk places you can easily walk to instead of using the car. That saves petrol and will keep you active!
Sell unwanted things on eBay or similar and keep that money separate to use for next Christmas or a holiday or whatever.

MOXIwealth Fri 29-Dec-17 13:15:10

To keep yourself motivated you could set yourself a daily goal. You can work-out your daily spend by listing your monthly essentials (think: rent/mortgage, home bills, travel to work, etc.. ) and deduct these from your salary, then minus the amount you want to save each month. What's left is your spending money. Divide this by 31 for your daily spend. If you go over this in one day you know the next day you need to spend less.
The app 'spending tracker' is free and really easy to use. Recording your spending doesn't have to be forever just long enough for you to know where your money is going smile
Also, do you have your maternity pay sorted?

Navegante Fri 29-Dec-17 13:19:07

Pennies weekly challenge. Save the amount listed each week (so week one is save 28p) and tick it off as you go. I tend to tick off various amounts each week otherwise it gets quite tight at the end of the year

Blushme Fri 29-Dec-17 14:57:21

Thank you all!! Think I need to do a budget type app to shame myself on all the money I probably waste!

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grapevinepanel Thu 04-Jan-18 12:22:14

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