Kakebo/kakeibo the Japanese art of saving money

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prettymess Wed 27-Dec-17 16:45:26

Anyone care to join me trying out this system. It is very much like YNAB but with writing it down.

I’ve got this book and you can fill in your spending for the next year.

There’s a good summary of it here

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GottadoitGottadoit Thu 28-Dec-17 02:05:56

That sounds really interesting. I’m looking for some way of making my financial goals ‘stick’.

I do YNAB already, and it just seems too easy to move everything between categories, so maybe writing it down would be good.

BG2015 Thu 28-Dec-17 19:05:30

How much is this book?

prettymess Fri 29-Dec-17 09:51:30

About a tenner. It’s 90% stuff to fill in yourself.

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LunaTheCat Fri 29-Dec-17 10:02:07

Looks great. Where did you get the book from - I would be keen to give a go.

prettymess Fri 29-Dec-17 10:11:32

I got it from Amazon

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prettymess Fri 29-Dec-17 10:12:54

It’s £6.99 atm!

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BG2015 Fri 29-Dec-17 11:47:18

I use YNAB too and it’s helped me budget and get rid of debt for the past 18 months - but I do like a paper version of stuff too.

I might give it a try.

justkeeponsmiling Fri 29-Dec-17 20:39:25

prettymess thank you, I have ordered this. I really need to go over our family finances and I like pen & paper rather than apps to keep track of my spending so fingers crossed this will work well.

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sat 30-Dec-17 12:16:02

My PC refuses this link, so I ask here:

In which way is this different to the traditional houshold account books you get in stationery shops and aisles? Apart from being prettier ...

prettymess Sat 30-Dec-17 12:49:57

I suppose it isn’t very different from those.

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BG2015 Sat 30-Dec-17 16:45:58

I’ve bought one, it arrived this morning.

I like it. I currently fill weekly expenditure in a NASUWT diary which isn’t brilliant.

I use YNAB but of course it costs to subscribe - it would be good to get rid of YNAB (& cheaper) if this works!

Littlechocola Sat 30-Dec-17 21:24:06

I have just bought it.

Regularsizedrudy Sat 30-Dec-17 21:25:55

Oooo this looks fab

SuperSange Sat 30-Dec-17 21:29:03

Would it fit in a handbag? What sort of size is it please ?

prettymess Sat 30-Dec-17 22:49:22

Depends on your handbag size! It’s about the size of my iPad mini.

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Littlechocola Sat 30-Dec-17 23:30:40

I’m quite excited.

CMH123 Sun 31-Dec-17 08:53:21

I've just ordered mine, arrives on Tuesday.

prettymess Sun 31-Dec-17 12:31:47

I’m starting to fill in my daily spends tomorrow and I’ve got the monthly budget all sorted. Less money available than I would like but we will try our best to stick within that amount.

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prettymess Sun 31-Dec-17 14:01:38

Also: use pencil!

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mammymammyIRL Mon 01-Jan-18 19:42:16

Intrigued - I'm a ynabber

Littlechocola Thu 22-Feb-18 13:46:36

It is really interesting to see where your money goes!!

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