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No spend January 31 days...

(649 Posts)
ivykaty44 Sun 24-Dec-17 15:05:46

No spend January

Just the essential food with a meal plan for 31 days.

Fuel to a minimum

Withdraw the cash for food, essentials & cards go in the freezer

Anyone care to join me?

ivykaty44 Sun 24-Dec-17 15:40:18

I’m going to take breakfast & lunch to work, which I generally do. Plenty of leftovers this week so I’m thinking soup for freezer for later in the month.

My biggest down fall in coffee out at lunch time so I’m going to add some latte to my trolley and take to work

WhatCanIDoNowPlease Sun 24-Dec-17 16:22:13

I'm in.

newsparklythings Sun 24-Dec-17 16:24:05

In here too

ivykaty44 Sun 24-Dec-17 18:07:10


I've got a free invite to London for dinner show and hotel, includes transport. So the day afterwards I have booked a free London walk, and I see the sky garden is free, so can try and book that the week before.

Searching for free cinema tickets - anyone see any that are easyish to obtain?

Also looking at even right for free local events.

I m having a no spend month but determined to still go out and to events etC

Microwaved111 Sun 24-Dec-17 18:12:16

I'm in. Im.on maternity leave and boredom often leads to internet shopping blush

I'm planning on not spending a penny other than food.

IsAnyoneElseMissingCheese Sun 24-Dec-17 18:14:25

I'm in!
Going to do it dry too!

LoveTheBear85 Sun 24-Dec-17 18:29:08

Count me in please! I was told that my role is going to be put at risk in the new year so I need to do some significant trimming back. Fuel, food and pre planned stuff (chiropractor) and I am planning for that to be it.

FrankWelker Mon 25-Dec-17 06:34:09

I'm in! I'm going to avoid all non-essential spending until February

ivykaty44 Mon 25-Dec-17 14:53:58

Well I have a coffee flask/cup to take to work with me so now no reason to buy coffee at lunch time - great Christmas present

Beltane18 Mon 25-Dec-17 15:08:20

I started a thread about this for 2018 but maybe MN wasn't ready for that grin

yes, I realised today the freezer needs defrosting anyway so really got to eat everything in there.

there's so much free stuff in London, you won't have any issues finding things to do.

Snapespeare Mon 25-Dec-17 15:16:05

I have been offered £800 off of a £2000 debt if I pay it by 28th January. I am in. Will be taking breakfast/lunch to Work, shopping in Aldi not Waitrose and having a massive eBay clear out.

Beltane18 Mon 25-Dec-17 16:13:48

Snapespeare, I was wondering what January is like for an ebay sale, I was thinking perhaps people wouldn't be spending money? Have some stuff here too.

twinnywinny14 Mon 25-Dec-17 16:21:36

I’m def in, I can manage it but doubt DH can 😂

DonnyAndVladSittingInATree Mon 25-Dec-17 16:42:04

Me!! I’m in.

mummmy2017 Mon 25-Dec-17 16:46:18

doing it this year
, as need to sort car

WhatCanIDoNowPlease Mon 25-Dec-17 18:41:57

If it's a success maybe we could do it for February too. And March, April, May etc etc

ivykaty44 Mon 25-Dec-17 22:46:14

for now the plan is to do January as a no spend, so let’s get to January first 😂

I plan on taking out a cash amount for the month to get food shopping and fuel. Then putting my debit card away in a safe place, dividing the money into 5 for the shopping.

But I still want to do things, so looking at ideas of how and where to look for free events. Have found Eventbrite has free stuff. Does anyone else know any freebees

DuchessMinnie Tue 26-Dec-17 00:00:52

I'm in. Need to do no spend Jan to April in fact. Have got tonnes of food in the house and all the clothes we need. Essentials only will be hard but doable.

Snapespeare Tue 26-Dec-17 06:48:42

Beltane I think it will be busy to normal at the start of the month then tail off - sold three things yesterday, I presume because people get a bit bored and have Xmas cash to spend - we shall see! I will try to buy a couple of specific, small things in the sales today (£30 or so) as a motivating treat as it’s not quite January yet!

ivykaty44 Tue 26-Dec-17 08:19:56

Found this on another thread for freebies with 02 & 3

Worth getting app for freebies if your on these providers? Anyone used them?

Rainybohoho Tue 26-Dec-17 11:57:27

Can I join in too? I’m trying to build up my savings. I love the idea of the challenge too! DDs should be fine with everything they have got for Christmas, so just me to keep under control!

MsDeerheart Tue 26-Dec-17 17:31:04

Sounds good - was thinking about doing this anyway so good to have a group for it

ProlificLurker Wed 27-Dec-17 00:31:39

@ivykaty44 try signing up with Showfilmfirst - they do some tickets for cinema preview screenings and also some theatre shows. Depends where you are and tickets go very quickly.

I think sky sometimes have cinema screenings as part of their vip programme if you are a sky customer.

Regularsizedrudy Wed 27-Dec-17 00:41:49

I’m in. Think I’m gonna struggle though 😓

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