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Anyone on Three, listen up!

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JustMarriedAndLovingIt Mon 06-Nov-17 13:18:24

If you are on Three and have not downloaded the Wuntu app then do it asap. They release new offers every week and in the last week I have had:

Free costa coffee
Free pasta (could have been pizza) at Bella Italia
Free Burritto at Las Iguanas
1 months free trial to Readly (all the top mags online)

There is also free lunch at Cafe Rouge but can't get there (how annoying) Plus loads more money off deals.

They also have comps and I won a £250 New Look voucher!

Can't wait to see whats on there next week.

CatsRule Tue 14-Nov-17 14:26:56

I've just moved to Three and have had my free Costa 😁

I've heard some not so good reviews but so far it's great and I love it...especially Wuntu.

FoxyRoxy Tue 14-Nov-17 23:03:44

O2 have priority which is similar but absolute ton of offers on there, always good when they give something back! (In case anyone not on 3 but on O2 reads this)

Henrysmycat Sun 26-Nov-17 07:06:13

Im O2, where can I find these offers?

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