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New frugal thread for autumn savings

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SnugglySnerd Tue 10-Oct-17 10:05:48

Just filled up the last one. Hope you all find the new one!

mammymammyIRL Tue 10-Oct-17 10:13:53

Hi snuggly you're not alone anymore!

ememem84 Tue 10-Oct-17 10:14:33


Laska5772 Tue 10-Oct-17 10:15:36

Cool am I first in? thanks snuggly. Just come to check in . Non functioning laptop and DGs for weekend meant i didnt have chance to check on phone. Its shaping up to be vvvv expensive week. New tablet laptop mix(coo so posh) ordered and today have to buy car ferry season ticket.. shock

Laska5772 Tue 10-Oct-17 10:16:27

Ill read back later..

SnugglySnerd Tue 10-Oct-17 10:34:22

Just a reminder to use up any old pound coins this week. I think I have one. I might put it towards a lottery ticket!

CollieBobs Tue 10-Oct-17 11:03:15

snuggly very good point about the £1 coins! I have a few! Thanks for the new thread smile

mammymammyIRL Tue 10-Oct-17 11:33:27

What's happening with the £1 coins? Must check if I've any sterling lying around for my trip to Belfast & Birmingham - don't think I do though.

WreckTangled Tue 10-Oct-17 11:34:02

Thanks snuggly

Cagliostro Tue 10-Oct-17 12:02:37

Thanks snuggly! smile

New doctor is SO lovely, MW was totally right to recommend. Had a good chat about whether it's wise to go on ADs so close to the birth (given that the side effects are quite bad) and instead she's going to see me weekly to keep reviewing.

I'm definitely saving money not being able to grab snacks on the move! Could frankly murder a sausage roll from Greggs 😂 #classy

But instead while waiting for the bus I spent 50p on the weight machine in Boots. Since starting lower carb 25 days ago I have lost 5lb. grin

WreckTangled Tue 10-Oct-17 12:07:07

* Cag* that's amazing!

SnugglySnerd Tue 10-Oct-17 12:27:33

Well done Cag!

They go out of circulation next week Mammy. When are you in Brum? Pop in for a cuppa!!

mammymammyIRL Tue 10-Oct-17 12:37:39

Can I just say to anyone that has a few £1 coins to spare, they're a lovely thing to give to children as a momento. Dh's uncle gave dd a millenium punt and it's lovely to have.

I'm in Brum on 20th & 21st Nov! At the Christmas markets if Ryanair don't cancel our flightsgrin

SnugglySnerd Tue 10-Oct-17 12:44:32

Birmingham Christmas markets are fab! Absolutely huge markets. Lovely atmosphere and some nice food and drink treats. There are a few good pubs nearby too if you get cold/need the loo!

ememem84 Tue 10-Oct-17 12:46:58

cag awesome!

mammy i am jealous of a christmas market. love a christmassy market...they do one here, but it's nowhere near as amazing as some i've been to (Zurich, i'm looking at you...with your gluvine, and wurst and beautiful gingerbread smells...).

i keep meaning to get outside, but either someone phones, ds wakes up and wants feeding/changing or it rains. sigh. maybe later.

In the meantime, i have caught up on a bit of admin - sent a character reference for a friend of mine, have filled in ds' registration paperwork, and passport application form (just need birth cert and photographs now) and have filled in my driving licence renewal application.

have also cleaned both toilets, have done two loads of washing and have sorted a third for the machine, and have listed some of my maternity clothes and the spare pushchair seat on Facebook selling site.

phew. just have to meal plan and shopping list for the next week - dh will go the the shop later on this evening.

i've also read all the information that the health visitor left yesterday - info on PND, domestic violence, relationship counselling, vaccinations, safe sleeping, etc etc. Ds is now almost 4kg! (8 lb 6!) proper chunk!

Taytocrisps Tue 10-Oct-17 12:47:27

Thanks Snuggly.

Very exciting news Meadow! When are you due?

Had a cuppa and a chat with a friend earlier. She brought me some scones smile.

Spent approx. €6 buying the RTE Guide (TV Guide), baby new potatoes and lunch ingredients.

ememem84 Tue 10-Oct-17 12:49:22

have also finally updated myfitnesspal...I was logging food during the last month of my pregnancy and my weight was close to 80kg's the app sent me a notification yesterday that i hadn't updated for 3 weeks. So i changed the details (weight etc) it's flagged that i've had a massive weight loss... funnily enough there isn't an option for "i had a baby so dropped a few kg's...!"

mammymammyIRL Tue 10-Oct-17 13:21:40

Lonely you mentioned making apple jelly tell me more we've a glut of apples 🍎

mammymammyIRL Tue 10-Oct-17 13:22:16

Well done on your massive weight loss em winkgrin

ememem84 Tue 10-Oct-17 13:35:38

Thanks mammy haha!!

Still raining. Bye bye walk. May take the cardboard to the recycling place (fun) just to get out of the house.

mammymammyIRL Tue 10-Oct-17 13:46:56

Em I aimed to leave house once every day while on mat leave - meant I had to get dressed everyday grin

Loveabaconsandwich Tue 10-Oct-17 14:13:59

So DD2’s medication is finally working so we have been through a lot of nappies today. Glad it is working but why couldn't she have done it for the childminder yesterday grin

£10 M&S (used my account swop gift card)
£41 Tesco
£7 sainsburys
£4 posting DP’s ebay item- he made £40 profit on it though
£70 on a new kitchen bin but had £15 GV towards it

A reduced desert from Tesco scanned through at full price as they didn’t cover the barcode. It needs eating as dated today but if I take back the empty box and receipt later in the week do you think they will refund me? Not worth the petrol to go back today

Well done to cag and em on their weight loss smile . I once lost a stone of weight moving from using the scales on the carpet to a hardwood floor

Loveabaconsandwich Tue 10-Oct-17 14:17:05

em my eBay phase eight dress arrived and it looks brand new. Maybe the previous owner buys stuff, removes the labels and never wears it grin . That was my old shopping habit before joining this thread

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 10-Oct-17 14:32:36

Thanks Snuggly flowers

Email a photo of the receipt & box to customer services Bacon. Lay it on thick about the distances involved to take it back.

£6 on 55lb of spuds.
£1.50 milk, bread, a carrot. Only bought them because I had match and more vouchers to use up. Price of veg in morrisons shock
£5 petrol.
£1 work stuff.

SunnyLikeThursday Tue 10-Oct-17 14:56:18

Hello! Thanks for the thread Snuggly.

I've had an epic big photo printed so I'm all set for my exhibition now.

Parents' evening next.

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