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Cheap products for sensitive skin

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CazY777 Fri 22-Sep-17 19:28:37

We are on a very tight budget and need to cut back on everything. My DD and I have quite sensitive skin so I'm looking for any suggestions for good, cheap face cream (day/night cream) bubble bath (kids), shampoo and non-bio washing powder.

I tried using Cien stuff from Lidl but it made my skin tingle, and their cheap washing powder caused DD to come out in a rash, so we only use Fairy non-bio now. I have been using a big blue pot of nivea for day and night face cream which works well but I was wondering if there is anything cheaper? We have Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, Morrison's, B and M and Home Bargains nearby.

ScrubbyGarden Sat 23-Sep-17 17:59:44

I use cetraben, I started on prescription but it's cheaper to just buy it. I use it as a facewash and moisturiser.
Re bubble bath- we don't use any! Just plain water.
For laundry I use BioD in refills from the health food shop, but it's not desperately cheap. Although you can probably get away with using much less of whatever you buy!

Babelange Sat 23-Sep-17 21:54:14

Nivea Soft (tube) is good; often on offer in Boots for £1.
Tesco Non-bio is good, a bit more scented than Fairy but much cheaper and we were Fairy lovers for many years.
You could try soap nuts (Google it).
Head & Shoulders Sensitive is in a big bottle and often on offer in Superdrug.
I found facial oils more economical but they are more expensive to begin with.
I would probably go for something like Oilatum for the bath rather than bubble bath which is very drying. Perhaps try a handful of economy rolled oats tied securely in a pop sock and left to infuse in the bath - very moisturising.

RandomMess Sat 23-Sep-17 21:58:08

"Simple" from Home Bargains/B&M Bargains is very cheap - daycream with SPF and make up remover.

Baths without any product best, GP recommended to us simple soap.

Soap nuts are great. Are you using fabric conditioner & are you putting washing powder in drawer or drum?

Chestervase1 Sun 01-Oct-17 00:12:21

Infacare baby bath and Infacare lotion. Lotion can be used as a facial cleanser as well.

7Days Sun 01-Oct-17 00:15:30

I found coconut oil to be very soothing for both me and ds, we both have dry tight eczema prone skin. You can get it for a couple of pounds in aldi, a nice big jar too

Mulch Sun 01-Oct-17 00:23:32

Another recommendation for simple

Fadingmemory Sat 21-Oct-17 00:25:58

Boots basic moisturiser. Tub with blue top. £1.50. Works for me.

MeadowHay Tue 31-Oct-17 18:30:48

I have eczema, acne, and sensitive skin, and DH had child-hood eczema and still has quite sensitive skin.

For washing liquid we usually use Fairy or Ariel non-bio, never had a problem with either but we make sure not to put too much liquid in. Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle as to how much is the right amount to put in, if you put too much in you could irritate your skin. We also do not user fabric softener, partly because I don't see the point, but also partly because I've always had eczema flare-ups any time any was used on my clothing. At the moment we are actually using Ecover non-bio laundry liquid as well as their delicate laundry liquid for delicates. These are usually more expensive but we have recently managed to get them both on offer to make them work out similar to our usual brands.

I also got eczema from Cien stuff unfortunately although DH was ok with the mens things.

For my skin, cheap and simple products that don't irritate things are 'Simple', as well as Superdrug's own brand products (have to be a bit careful with some of the very fragrenced shower gels but otherwise mostly fine), and their 'B.' range of skincare.

We usually use Head & Shoulders shampoo & conditioner as it has zinc pyriothine in it which helps combat eczema on the scalp which I suffer from otherwise. Superdrug used to do a great cheaper anti-dandruff shampoo range but last time I shopped on their website it was not showing up so I think they may have sadly dropped the line which is a shame as it was fine and saving us money sad.

For anti-persperants I use areosols, Mitchum now have a totally unfragrenced one which I'm currently using and loving, I also like Vaseline's.

For lip balm, cheap and fine for sensitive skin is plain Vaseline or plain Nivea creme.

Sudocrem as a spot treatment for big cystic spots overnight.

Also if you're on a low-income and get free prescriptions, a lot of stuff you can get on prescription which could cut costs of things that are expensive to buy OTC for eczema e.g. Oilatum bath emollient, Oilatum shampoo, Diprobase emollient, E45 cream etc. I get most of that on prescription as I'm entitled to free ones and I couldn't really afford it if I had to pay OTC prices.

CazY777 Tue 31-Oct-17 18:47:46

Thanks everyone, I'll definitely be trying some of these suggestions

CathyLB1 Fri 03-Nov-17 18:54:05

Hi. When my DD was a baby she had a bit of eczema and my gp prescribed Doublebase gel moisturizer (pump dispenser). She told me she used it herself as a moisturizer and suggested i try it. I have been using it ever since - it is pretty basic with no perfume or colours or nasty chemicals. It costs me about £12 online for 500ml which lasts about a year. I love it...much cheaper than the expensive chemicals i used to buy.

Justchillaxing Sun 03-Dec-17 02:16:15

In the past I've made laundry "gloop" - I really should start using it again. I'll try a and find the recipe and report back, but basically you grate a bar of soap and add water, essential oils if you like .. Possibly soap crystals?? I'll check .. works out very cheap anyway and good for sensitive skin.

Justchillaxing Sun 03-Dec-17 02:18:08

Here's a link to a thread on MSE about laundry gloop smile

Failing that, laundry powder tends to be cheaper than liquid?

Jarstastic Sun 31-Dec-17 18:13:13

I love Waitrose pure moisturiser. It is £1.50. Sometimes on promo with other pure products for £1.

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