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Where to sell baby clothes/items?

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sailorcherries Sat 02-Sep-17 23:52:28

I'm on mat leave, trying to save as much savings for Christmas but looking at making a little extra between now and then.

Our DS has outgrown all of his newborn and 0-3 month clothes and we have about 20 odd newborn sleepsuits, 20 odd newborn vests, 30 odd 0-3 vest, 20 odd 0-3 sleepsuits plus lots of clothes (some still tagged) and hand knitted jumpers and cardigans. We also have a bath, spare pram, car seat etc that we don't need.

I've looked at Facebook selling groups, ebay, gumtree and baby nearly new sales. I'd be looking at around 50p an item for clothes and so on. Where would be the best to sell? Obviously nearly new sales incur a stall fee but other places have transaction fees (ebay) and postage.

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NickMyLipple Sun 03-Sep-17 00:04:19

As someone who has recently been buying such items, the going rate is between 25p and 50p per item (25p for babygrows and sleepsuits) - I am quite fussy and only buy stuff that's nearly new or new (not with tags on but no signs of wear). I mostly buy at car boot sales, though do look at FB selling too.

Which part of the world are you in - I may be interested grin

sailorcherries Sun 03-Sep-17 00:09:05

Outside Glasgow. As he had so much stuff he only wore each thing maybe 2-3 times, so all good condition. Some of the hand knitted things were never worn due to the weather, baby bath and car seat never used.

He was the first grandchild on DPs side, we ended up with a lot and couldn't get through it.

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