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First time car booter

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Chippednailpolish Sun 20-Aug-17 20:57:20

I'm trying to declutter our house and thought I might try selling some of our unwanted items at a car boot sale. However, I am a complete novice and wondered if you wise ladies and gentlemen could give me any hints and tips on what sells well, do's and don'ts etc. Any advice gratefully received!

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BackforGood Sun 20-Aug-17 23:23:52

I think it depends on the car boot.
If you can find one at something like a school / PTA event, you'll have a different 'crowd' to a weekly (almost professional) market type.
Does depend on areas too.
I think it also depends on your mindset - if you are going out to try to make some money, then you are more reluctant to let stuff go for a lower price, and risk not selling so not really making anything, but if you are treating it as "I don't want to take anything home - what's left at the end goes to the tip" then you can clear a load of stuff cheaply and actually make more.
If you are going to a 'regular' one, it would probably be worth going for a mooch around the week before to see what prices people are asking.

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