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Inspirational reading required

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niceandspicey Wed 05-Jul-17 19:37:03

I am desperate to change my ways.
I have always been a spender not a saver but for various reasons now I really really want to stick to my monthly budget and not overspend.
It might also tie in with me being able to stop work for a few years - so I really want to make it work. Does anyone have any suggestions for books I could buy/ blogs/ websites to keep me on the straight and narrow? I really want to get a thrill from scrimping. I am hoping it's possible!

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Babelange Wed 05-Jul-17 21:31:59
I particularly like the Old Style MoneySaving board/forum but the Debt Free wannabee board is good too.
You could post a Statement of Affairs here which is a list of all your regular outgoings against your income and posters give their feedback - harsh but fair...
Obvious areas to consider - remortgaging if you are on your lender's SVR, look at utilities then grocery shopping etc.
Debts? pay off quicker/move to 0% credit card.
If you explain what your situation is maybe you can connect with someone either in the same situation or who has surmounted the same problems?

niceandspicey Thu 06-Jul-17 20:46:35

Thanks for your response.
I will build up the courage to post my ins/ outs on here.
I will also keep looking at these boards for inspiration.

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BahHumbygge Sun 09-Jul-17 18:53:57

Mr Money Moustache
Early Retirement Extreme
Thrifty Lesley
Mortgage Free in Three
MSE - Old Style board
MSE - Debt Free wannabe challenges
Incoming Assets

Moneyless Man - Mark Boyle
The Complete Tightwad Gazette - Amy Dacyczyn
Penny Pincher’s Book - John & Irma Mustoe
Voluntary Simplicity - Duane Elgin
The Money Diet - Martin Lewis
Thrifty Ways for Modern Days - Martin Lewis
Your Money or Your Life - Alvin Hall
Low Cost Living - John Harrison
The No Spend Year - Michelle McGagh
The Man Who Quit Money - Mark Sundeen
How I Lived a Year on Just a Pound a Day - Kath Kelly
Goodbye Things - Fumio Sasaki

niceandspicey Sun 09-Jul-17 21:49:40

This is GREAT bah
Thank you 😊

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Fluffycloudland77 Mon 10-Jul-17 17:42:15

Alvin changed me, love him!.

excited99 Tue 18-Jul-17 12:45:48

Frugal Queen. She has been quite an inspiration to me. About 8 years ago she was £40,000 in debt, she has cut down to the bare bones and she is now debt free, owns a second home in France and planning early retirement. She is a teacher so I feel I can relate to her as she earns an average wage. Whenever I have overspend I spend half an hour reading her blog to get me focused again.

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