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Can anyone reccomend a good app for tracking spending

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Mammamooandboo Wed 26-Apr-17 07:52:33

Struggling financially and at the end of every month im left with either nothing or going over my overdraft which obviously leaves me with charges eith my bank. I need to take control of what im spending my money on. Im looking for good apps where i can log what i am buying and have a samsung phone. Any ideas?

Fma14 Wed 26-Apr-17 07:55:33

I've just downloaded Momzo, you get a card linked to the app that you put your budget for that week or month or whatever and use that for any spending then it gives you alerts when you're nearing the limit, shows your spending in pictures graphs etc

L238 Wed 26-Apr-17 12:24:38

I really like an app called Pariti, I have it on iPhone but I think there is an Android version. Links all your credit cards/bank accounts so you get a good overview. Monzo is also great - you load the card with what you can afford to spend & their app is great

Creditnote Mon 01-May-17 07:55:16

Good budget is free and easy to use. You just need to remember to log everything you spend.

SweetLuck Mon 08-May-17 21:00:12


Eatingcheeseontoast Mon 08-May-17 21:01:39

Toshl is good ans easy to use.

LadyDowagerHatt Tue 09-May-17 20:52:37

Try Pegg - it is a bot which you use in fb messenger, it constructs your accounts once you tell it your income and outgoings.

hollytom Tue 09-May-17 21:32:52

Daily budget is a good one you put in your income and expenses and then it works out a daily amount you can see.

fiftyplustwo Thu 11-May-17 17:56:50

Don't overdo it -- a plain notebook and a pen will work just as well. Pull it out every time you buy something and jot down the amount and what it was for. If you buy a small (very small) notebook maybe you can stick it in your wallet or handbag.

You could start with going through your memory, do you buy a lot of coffee, snacks, eating out, going out in the evening? A lot on clothes, shoes, etc? Do you have a lot of expensive loans with high interest rate charges, sucking out money?

SomewhereOver Thu 11-May-17 17:58:40

Another vote for Monzo - its brilliant and you get a cool bright orange card too!

allthebestplease Fri 12-May-17 17:09:17

I started using ynab and loved it and learnt a lot from it but ultimately now I just use cash and write everything down on paper spends. It is so revealing. I do an over all budget each month using excel and budget to zero.

user1497212915 Wed 28-Jun-17 21:12:50

I've got GoodBudget on my phone. It's much simpler for me to use than some of the others xx

Puffpaw Thu 29-Jun-17 20:44:57

I also like goodbudget, it's so easy to use, and I love the reports!

Cocklodger Sun 02-Jul-17 06:39:09

YNAB is good but you need to set it up on a laptop first,
It also costs money but you do get a month free to see how you go with it.
If this isn't an option Fudget is good, free too.

Silvertap Sun 02-Jul-17 07:06:52

Ynab revolutionised by spending

MyBeautifulLaunderette2 Tue 11-Jul-17 13:25:13

I use Credit & Debit, it's a useful (yet Apple-only) app.

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