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gigi556 Mon 09-Jan-17 18:10:11

My partner and I are expecting our first baby in May and we sat down over the weekend to look at our budget and finances. It's going to be super tight but we are pretty sure if we are smart about it, we can afford for me to take 12 months maternity even though I'm only going to get SMP.

I've used Quicken and other accounting software in the past, but it's been years and I'm curious what products people use or have used and like. We currently only loosely budget and have an excel spreadsheet. I want to be able to upload our account details so we can look at past spending more closely. I think this would be useful as it's easy to say we spend X on bills and utilities but I have no clue how much I actually spend on things like make up and clothing in a given year...

The software will need to be able to look at multiple accounts. We have a joint current account, separate current accounts, separate savings accounts, separate pensions and separate credit cards. We might open a joint savings. I have a couple overseas accounts which it would be useful to track as well but it's not essential. I definitely want easy syncing with my bank.

Thanks in advance!

Whydotheycallyoured Mon 09-Jan-17 18:16:10

Try the Money dashboard app. Will sync to accounts and credit cards and auto analyse transactions. Gives you a snapshot of your financial position. I check mine every day and think it's great. It does have budgeting and cashflow forecasting functionality on the main website which I haven't really used but look good.

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