How do i stop impulsive spending?

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malificent7 Sun 13-Nov-16 01:43:11

Just that really... or not even impulse spending.... sometimes just thinking about an item for a few days or weeks then convincing myself to buy it. Clothes are a weakness.... must stop!
Another thing i do is i buy if i thi k it will run out soon therefore fuelling imoukae buys! Tips please!

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KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Sun 13-Nov-16 01:49:27

Set everything necessary by DD.

Log your details online with a supermarket. I buy less shite when I shop online and you only need your three digit security code each time you do an order.

Then cut your card up.

It's not really a biggie. You can get a new one in about three days.

Lollollollol Sun 13-Nov-16 02:12:28

Log every single thing you spend and review it regularly so you can see what you are wasting. You might find that the little things like bits of makeup or coffee out are adding up to a lot.

Where are you seeing the things you want to buy? Is it online, in magazines or in shops? Is there a reason you need to go to the shops?

Can you promise yourself if you see something that you love you will wait a week before you actually buy it. It might help make sure you buy things that you really, really want rather than just doing silly purchases

What other things do you do that keep you busy and that you enjoy.

I bike ride a lot and would rather do that than go shopping. Do you do sports or crafts or something like that that you can focus on.

Manumission Sun 13-Nov-16 02:38:05

Move to cash budgeting. Shred all your credit cards bar one; freeze that in a block of ice. Make it a challenge for 2017. That leaves you six weeks to prepare.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 13-Nov-16 13:31:40

Add it all up over a fortnight, then multiply by 26 weeks a year. The end figure can be sobering.

£20 random spends per fortnight.
X 26= £520.

For extra fun multiply by the years you've been doing it.

I imagine you're over £10 a week though?.

RoseValleyRambles Sun 13-Nov-16 13:37:26

Start a wish list. Put things on there instead of buying now. Then use it as a gift list, or decide monthly how much to spend and pick the items you want most.

GrabtharsHammer Sun 13-Nov-16 13:41:34

I have dreadful impulse control (bpd and bipolar). One of the ways me manage it is to set a monthly spending budget and when it's gone it's gone. DH has control of the main account and my budget is transferred into my own account on the first of the month. If I rattle through it in the first week I have to go without for the rest of the month. We've been doing it for a few months now and it's really helped.


Mumstudentbum Sun 13-Nov-16 18:45:50

Set up dd for bills. I then draw out my budget in cash on a Monday and transfer my savings to my savings account. For the rest of the week I only have what cash I have in my purse for everything. I don't use my card at all.

I've also deleted Amazon, eBay etc off my phone so im tempted to click on and order anything. I've also got dp to change PayPal password so I can't use it:

pasturesgreen Sun 13-Nov-16 19:06:50

Watching with interest.

I'm a dreadful impulse buyer. I'm trying to save up for a big item I love (jewellery, so not a necessity), but even that is not motivation enough, as I keep hemorrhaging money on make up and bits...I've sort of managed to cut down on magazines, though, so I suppose it's not all bad...

victoryinthekitchen Mon 14-Nov-16 16:51:21

I left a well paid job for a simpler lifestyle so for me the impulse, comfort shopping has had to be severely reigned in. Things that help me include just avoiding the shopping centres (do some exercise instead - you will get the same high), writing down what you spend, not going on the Style & Beauty thread (too tempting), creating something i.e. baking / crafts gives a better feeling of achievement and just not buying glossy magazines.

malificent7 Mon 14-Nov-16 21:35:05

Brilliant advice. I know this sounds weird but I think my shopping habit started as I had really shit clothes as a child and when with my ex abusive dp. When I broke up with him I wanted to feel good about myself again so started glamming up.

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