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Going to try for 7 days of no spending

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Peopleplease Sun 06-Nov-16 19:38:46

Outside of direct debits.

DH is away and I'm going to really try not to buy ANYTHING until next Sunday. DH being away is going to make it easier but I'm guilty of impulse shopping too.

Day 1 was today and I didn't spend anything so off to a good start.

Star2015 Sun 06-Nov-16 23:04:33

Great challenge! Good luck smile

Peopleplease Tue 08-Nov-16 08:47:49

Day 2 - nothing spent. I did wander onto amazon last night but wandered off again!

Peopleplease Tue 08-Nov-16 17:31:29

Only realised today my car only has 1/4 tank of diesel left. I hate it going lower than that.

I could use DHs car but FIL will be using that really early Monday morning to pick DH up from Airport so I'd have to fill it anyway.

So instead of not spending ANYTHING I'll just not impulse buy.

KimKsButt Wed 09-Nov-16 14:34:05

Do you mind me asking are you going out of the house this week? I know that sounds daft question but the only way i can spend no money is to stay in the house!! A coffee with a friend here and there, a sandwhich when im at work cos im not organised enough to make lunch!! Maybe i need to leave the house with no purse grin
Good luck op, i may join you on weekdays!

Peopleplease Wed 09-Nov-16 18:45:09

Hello, was talking to myself there for a bit.

I'm a SAHM and live rurally so not REALLY leaving the house much. The reason I'm doing this week is because with DH away I'm at home a lot more and can't just pop to the shop (unless I take DD which is more trouble than it's worth!)

Tuesday went fine, but I had started to get a bit tempted by online shopping. An amazon order arrived today though so that will keep me happy!

Saturday I need to do a shop and will fill the car but that's all necessary. I will stick to a shopping list, I will, I will!

Peopleplease Thu 10-Nov-16 15:35:26

Wednesday was fine but I cracked today. Had to get Diesel and ended up getting a donut and some chocolate as well.

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