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Credit unions- any help?

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concertplayer Tue 17-May-16 16:32:28

There are a lot of people around with money/debt worries
these days
I do not know much about C Unions but I believe they can help
keep people out of trouble by helping with small loans and
encouraging small savings.
Might they be of help to our Mumsnetters?

IAmALeafOnTheWindWatchHowISoar Tue 17-May-16 19:15:30

Credit Unions are fabulous things. I would encourage anyone what ever their financial position to get a CU account.

This is the one I used to belong to when I was in the UK

Wasafatmum42 Sat 21-May-16 16:51:28

I am a member of a credit union and have been for 3 years very handy for saving for Christmas , last 2 Christmases were stress free financially

Allofaflumble Sun 22-May-16 08:58:12

Yes I agree. I have been saving with a credit union for about five years. I have had a small loan from them too to buy an old car. When the loan was repaid, I then turned that DD into more savings.

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