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Fostering rate cuts

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Florry44 Sun 10-Apr-16 09:02:09

I work as a foster Carer for Bromley Council. Whilst none of us do this job for the money, we do need to pay bills, feed and clothe children etc. Our beloved council has decided that they want to cut our pay by 23% in some cases. They also want to stop additional allowances we receive for Christmas and birthday presents and an allowance we received so we can give the child in care a holiday and special days out. This is bad enough, but when you now hear that the council workers have awarded themselves a 1.3% pay RISE you will hopefully agree with me that this is not acceptable. Please join with me in signing the petition to show your support for foster carers. Thank you

Alfieisnoisy Sun 10-Apr-16 09:08:19

I have no issue with low paid council workers getting a below inflation pay rise.

I will sign though as I fully support foster Carers and don't think they get anywhere near enough help.

Just been on an AIBU thread about how we should all stop going on at David Cameron and his family for minimising his tax bill. The cuts you are facing are the reason why I will never agree that those who can easily afford to pay a proper tax bill should be able to minimise that bill with offshore accounts. Too many valuable people and services are taking the brunt of that.

Lilmisskittykat Sat 16-Apr-16 15:14:53

I don't think a 1.3% pay rise is excessive.. In fact it's less than inflation and has been for years. And for what it's worth council works don't award themselves a pay rise.. If we did I'd certainly want at least it at least in line with inflation

Councils are being killed off and strangled by central government im afraid cuts across the board are the only way to keep councils afloat

Babyroobs Sun 17-Apr-16 10:26:23

How much do foster carers get paid out of interest? I read somewhere that it was up to £400 a week, I guess this would be for a troubled teen rather than a small child?Just interested and being nosey. It is something I would like to do myself if I had a spare room which i don't at the moment. My parents were foster carers when I was a child but they got paid very little back in the eighties.

ivegotdreadfulpmttoday Sun 17-Apr-16 10:32:36

I have a problem with low pay, whoever it is. Low wages are the shame of our country. Are they getting away with less than the minimum wage for foster carers?

Cheesecake53 Sun 17-Apr-16 10:36:12

Signed smile

AndNowItsSeven Sun 17-Apr-16 17:13:17

How much is the weekly allowance? what is the shortfall in covering the cost of food , clothes , entertainment , pocket money gifts etc?

AndNowItsSeven Sun 17-Apr-16 17:23:41

Is difficult to make a decision whether or not to sign option without knowing the allowance amounts. A reduction from £300 per week to £231 for example is more than ample for a child's needs, or is it more like reduction from £150 to £115 .

leopardgecko Fri 29-Apr-16 01:59:13

How much do foster carers get paid out of interest? I read somewhere that it was up to £400 a week, I guess this would be for a troubled teen rather than a small child?Just interested and being nosey.

We recieive £140 a week for a primary school child and £160 a week for a very, very, very troubled teenager. That is for everything, both for us and, money for the child. No additions now (children arrived with no clothes at all and have to be transported to school 20 miles away and contact with their families 2 x week). As the LA state we cannot work, numerous meetings and therapies each week, the sum total of ur income is £300a week. For the past 2 years we have been existing on savings. now depleted, so are contomplating our futures.

We work for the local authority, and one of our foster children's siblings are with carers from a private agency who receive £500 a week per child. We cannot join the private agency as they do not cover our area.

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