Nationwide blocked card without warning

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Linkex Thu 17-Mar-16 16:30:34

Hi everyone,

I have two Nationwide bankcards which I use both. I noticed a few weeks ago that both of my cards were blocked for unauthorised payments. I contacted Nationwide and they told me about the payments (both made by myself but they were to an international company)

They however never told me about the blocked cards and it appeared that one of my cards was blocked since the 2nd of February, but they didn't tell me anything about this until the 2nd of March. I didn't know both of my accounts were blocked until I got emails from two loan companies that they couldn't take the money out. I then contacted Nationwide and they told me they blocked one card, they didn't tell me that my other card was blocked on the 2nd of March until I contacted them again because my other card didn't work either. It took them 14 days to unblock both of my cards after verification and the loan companies charged me an extra 100 pounds in total for the default charges (even though I told them that Nationwide blocked my cards without telling me)

Is there a chance that I can get the charges back or anything along those lines? Nationwide already openly admitted that they were breaking the law in the letter they sent me 2 days ago but that's all they really did.

Thanks for reading x

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Fluffycloudland77 Fri 18-Mar-16 14:36:09

I would try, it's free for you to appeal any decisions to the ombudsman.

Keep all the letters, you'll need them if it goes to them. Try nationwide strike CEO (their email will be on the Internet)

Good luck.

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