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Friendly Frugaleers chat their way into February...

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Ipsos Tue 26-Jan-16 12:51:38

Just setting up the new thread for the chatty Frugaleers.

By popular request - copied from last year grin Sign up to this. And this. And this And this ditto. Plus this. Check this daily.

fuzzpig Tue 26-Jan-16 13:00:57

Thanks Ipsos grin

Ememem84 Tue 26-Jan-16 13:24:21

Checking in.

Annoyed. Colleague has come to work not feeling well. She's visited dr today and has now been signed off until next Tuesday.

So not only has she brought the contagion into the office. She's dumped work on me. Gah.

Nsd so far other than pre accounted for eBay postage

lilacclery Tue 26-Jan-16 14:12:25

Proud of myself today, was a bit early heading off to work due to dh being home and me leaving him jobs to do and me not doing my usual half crazed rush around the place in the morning, instead of going to shop for some nice snacks which would neither be good for my waistline or bank balance I went down to the beach and watched the gale force winds wreak havoc and the waves crash and thrash about. Then a colleague was going to shop at lunchtime and asked if I wanted anything and I hesitated a lot but resisted and spent a quiet lunchbreak reading Irish Runner Annual and eating my toastie and 2 mandarins.

Thanks for new thread ipsos
em I hate when work colleagues bring their illnesses to work, it's so unfair

Ipsos Tue 26-Jan-16 14:14:12

Em that really winds me up too.

Lilac that sounds like a nice way to relax. smile

SpottyTeacakes Tue 26-Jan-16 14:17:24


fuzzpig Tue 26-Jan-16 14:30:21

Hope you didn't catch the germs em I really don't like it when people come into work when contagious. A couple of people do that after D&V which freaks me right out <shudder>

Well done lilac it's all those little incidences of resisting things which really add up I reckon.

In the spirit of recognising our achievements, I have one. Last night I went through the fridge and packed things into the freezer according to our meal plan (eg the chicken breast and mint). This lunchtime as I was making the DCs' lunch, I realised there'd be some spare wraps, so I froze the spare ones leaving only enough for DS' quesadilla tomorrow (as per the meal plan - on Wednesdays DD has scrambled eggs before Brownies, DS has something quick and DH and I eat later after my piano lesson).

It's a small thing but this is the kind of thing I often forget to do, and we end up throwing away a truly criminal amount of food because of it.

Also I have earmarked various food and snacks for particular days, eg tomorrow when we need a picnic, rather than just blowing through it and letting the DCs have whatever snacks they want for an easy life. Turns out 'no, we will be having those tomorrow' is actually an easy thing to say and was readily accepted by the DCs, who I expected to whinge TBH! grin

So I think the meal plan on the whiteboard is really helping. I hope we can keep using it smile

Anyway, zero motivation on the housework/errand front (home ed has gone pretty well though), so much I need to be doing but BLAH I can't be bothered really, still feel rather anxious about DH's job obviously and can't focus on anything. Going to try and distract myself now by actually doing something useful hmm

Silvertap Tue 26-Jan-16 14:35:33

Someone mentioned at the end of the old thread about eggs bbe date. If you put eggs in water they're OK to eat unless they float right to the top.

Nsd here today.

northender Tue 26-Jan-16 14:49:02

Marking spot

lilacclery Tue 26-Jan-16 14:50:21

ipsos it was only about 8 minutes but very enjoyable

and I slept way better last night after doing my Jillian Michaels DVD at 9.10pm than I usually do too and it was easier to do than it was on Sunday so I'm smile about that too

fuzz the freezer is definitely your friend when it comes to waste.
Thanks to leftovers there are now 2 pancakes in freezer for Sat morn breakfast, beef stew, and lasagne which will make life much easier for my dm when she has my two rugrats to care for this weekend grin

I think it was here I got the tip for freezing milk too & it has transformed our shopping habits as we're rarely in the shops now mid week

5minutestobed Tue 26-Jan-16 15:19:00

Just checking in.
Feeling a bit sorry for myself today. BIL and SIL have just inherited the family business and are moving to a massive house in the countryside/getting two news cars and going on holiday. Some people get all the luck!
Ah well, we will get where we want to be, just might take us a while!
Only spent £1.50 on bus money today.

I am feeling inspired to clear out my freezer now, I have just remembered I froze some extra chicken last week so that will become a nice cheap dinner.

BaBaBaBoomBoom Tue 26-Jan-16 15:27:58

Just checking in!
£36 on dds boots
£15 on ds slippers and a new doorstop

CamdenTownie Tue 26-Jan-16 15:53:26

Nsd for me today, I cleared out my freezer over the last three weeks and it's almost empty now, we had some great meals out of it though grin

needastrongone Tue 26-Jan-16 15:57:41

5minutes That sounds like your BIL and SIL are taking a fair amount of cash out of the business very soon after inheriting it, which isn't always the best way to run a business, being honest. We leave way way more assets in the business than we take out in dividends, makes a safe solid business!

Thanks for the thread ipsos.

Spends -

£35 entry fees for a competition.

Might go out for a meal tonight as it's my birthday today grin

SpottyTeacakes Tue 26-Jan-16 16:03:30

Happy birthday need! Yes you deserve a lovely meal out smile

Meant to say girlie that's brilliant about the house! 50% will be amazing.

Dinner tonight is left over roast chicken, cheese, coleslaw, pepper, cherry tomatoes and grated carrot in wraps.

We have a weather warning out for rain it's still mild though I can't believe how little we've been using the heaters.

fuzzpig Tue 26-Jan-16 16:11:36

Happy birthday Need grin cake

Ooh Spotty roast chicken and coleslaw is the best. envy

Looking forward to our burgers tonight. Going to get DD to help me a little - now that we've got frozen white onion, I'll fry off some and then mix them with the mince before making it into burgers so it's quicker for DH when he gets in.

I tried making the phonecalls I had to make, the less scary one was fine but the more scary one I got no answer <chews lip>

Got a bit more home ed to do now though, we've been surprisingly productive in that sense especially considering DD was a bit stroppy earlier. We've definitely hit our stride this 'term' as it's going very well. smile

(Ignoring the fact that I keep buying stuff to learn with like books and numeracy games that we could probably do without! blush)

SpottyTeacakes Tue 26-Jan-16 16:23:51

Just had an email from the rac they're sending me a £20 bonus bond voucher by way of apology. I have to say they have dealt with it really well and explained what happened, why it happened, and what they have done to ensure it won't happen again.

Fuzz I hate making scary phone calls too hence I email as much as I can!

babsmam Tue 26-Jan-16 16:25:14


Pointlessfan Tue 26-Jan-16 16:25:20

Lilac that sounds like a lovely start to your day, I'd love to live near the sea.
Thanks for the new thread ipsos and happy birthday to need!
Have made frugal stock in the sc today using all the stalks etc that I save in the freezer, and my mum came round with cake so that's tonight's pudding sorted!

needastrongone Tue 26-Jan-16 16:30:23

I am now just going to go to Spotty's for chicken wraps grin

Glad the home ed is going well fuzz. You are brave, I wouldn't have the first clue.

Can't believe I so quickly forgot £20 on Amazon so quickly from this morning, and I have my nails done, but that was birthday money.

Need to meal plan correctly, as we've used left overs for the last couple of days, and I have a deluge of eggs.

Everyone has bought me chicken related items for my birthday, although DH has bought me a coffee machine, not frugal and not necessary, but lovely.

Daffodil90 Tue 26-Jan-16 16:36:15

New to these threads but they are great!

I've just started a meal planner (now have DD who's 6 weeks) as things are tight. I found a template for one on Excel spreadsheets and its brilliant....theres all sorts of templates on there for planning.

Did anyone see the news this week about womens cosmetic/grooming products being more expensive than mens? One thing I do is use mens razors. I discovered that Gillette razor heads fit my Venus handle and the bulk packs you get from Costco are cheaper than the womens equivalent. In my opinion the Gillette heads are actually a better shave too. So me and DH share a pack of razor heads now smile

Wolfcub Tue 26-Jan-16 16:47:39

Thanks for the thread ipsos
Happy birthday need

kittys0ftpaws Tue 26-Jan-16 16:55:54

Can I join in please? I'm quite good at budgeting but have been going over lately and I need to pull some £ back from my weekly "allowance" so will be taking tips on board! Do I need to properly introduce myself?

Ipsos Tue 26-Jan-16 17:23:17

Happy Birthday Need. cakebrew

Welcome kitty. smile

fuzzpig Tue 26-Jan-16 17:35:09

grin at the influx of chicken related items grin one of my mum's friends is always getting owl related stuff. I sometimes wonder if it's got to the point where everyone gets her owl stuff out of tradition, but perhaps she doesn't actually like owls that much... grin (OvO)

Re: home ed, thank you smile although I don't really have much of a clue either, not sure any of us do from talking to other parents - think we are all just muddling through! Much like parenting in general I guess.

Welcome Kitty and Welcome - and congratulations - Daffodil! smile

Interesting about the men's razor blades fitting the Venus handle, I'd never have thought of that.

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