How to get the best out of 3 for 2 at Christmas

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fluffysox15 Sat 07-Nov-15 23:25:46

Oooh I'm not sure about that hefzi, will have to Google that one as last year I'm sure was just the lynx sets for me.

Apples- totally agree! Nivea and lynx sets in boots are £6 - £7 on 3 for 2 but wilkos does them at £3 each. So a £1 cheaper per set really. Definitely wise to shop about. I mostly get soap and glory and the no7 stuff from boots but last year I thought I'd get a few sets for the men and it backfired!

I've never managed to keep on top of the star gifts though, must try!

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applesareredandgreen Sat 07-Nov-15 20:12:30

I bought a few Christmas gifts on 3 for 2 last year but made sure I bought the sets 3 at a time and of similar prices so I knew I was getting good value with the free item. I would just warn to make sure that the items aren't cheaper at other outlets as sometimes shops with this kind of offer are charging more than other shops for similar items in the first place. An example I received a Christmas gift catalogue in the post last week and it was selling some gift sets - Nivea I think they were for about £15 buy one get one free but the same gift sets are only £5 each in Wilco!!!

hefzi Sat 07-Nov-15 20:03:20

Thanks for the article!

I thought Boots used to make quite a big thing of the fact that their 3 for 2 sort of self-regulates, so you get the third most expensive item free, then the sixth, then the 9th etc, so it's not just the £3.99 face mask or something? I'm fairly sure it worked that way last time I got 3 for 2 on beauty, mainly because there was a product I didn't think would count that buggered up my calculations...

It's worth making sure Boots have your mailing address, and permission to mail you, as that's where you get the extra vouchers to, as well as invited for when they have one of their shopping evenings where you get £10 of points for £50 spend - and don't forget to keep checking the app and upload offers on to your card. Oh, and of course the magazine, which sometimes has good offers/extra points too - I am well chuffed, because I'd been putting off buying some Philsophy scrub because of the price, but the mag recently had a £10 points offer on it: and I had a code for £10 off, so I "saved " £20 on it...

fluffysox15 Sat 07-Nov-15 09:04:49

Found an interesting website which explains how to stack your shopping when buying 3 for 2 at boots, argos etc. Worth a read as last year I never thought things through. Went straight into Boots, filled my basket with 12 gifts and 4 of them where £6 lynx sets and and a few of then where expensive number 07 ones and I ended up only getting the lynx free angry

Oh yea don't forget to use your boots card for points too, I received loads of double your points vouchers and £10 free vouchers with a £60 spend so I intend to stack my basket as the article suggests, on the highest spend receive my £10 of points and my next basket will use double my points.

That should mean I have enough points for a few stocking fillers on 3 for 2 aswell smile

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