Anyone know when Tesco Clubcard do their Christmas points thing?

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bbcessex Tue 13-Oct-15 15:05:18

Hi all. I always read your threads with interest. I've been keeping a proper track on my finances for around 6 weeks now and also had an eye opener with one particular credit card when I found it was minimum payment only (Thank you to Talkinpeace - I think - for the credit card spreadsheet).

I'd like to buy a couple of things from Tesco Direct for Christmas presents. I had a vague memory that sometimes they double their clubcard points so you can spend your reward points on gifts. Does anyone know about that, or have a I dreamt it?

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annielostit Tue 13-Oct-15 16:17:11

I think Nov 2nd was mentioned, or we've had the same dream.

bbcessex Tue 13-Oct-15 16:34:40

Ah.. fabulous. I'll keep an eye out for that then - thank you annielostis :-)

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annielostit Tue 13-Oct-15 17:12:56

Tesco has confirmed it will start its next Christmas Clubcard Boost on Mon 2 Nov, so if you've built up a stash of points, it may be worth holding onto 'em until then.

Taken off mse site.

ifonly4 Wed 14-Oct-15 08:27:50

Does anyone know if there's somewhere I can find out what can be doubled up?

afferal Tue 20-Oct-15 10:56:46

i read this the other day but dont know how accurate it is

bbcessex Tue 20-Oct-15 16:08:21

thanks for the link afferal, that looks promising smile

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