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Please recommend a cheap clothes washing liquid

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ifonly4 Tue 29-Sep-15 11:20:36

We're having to make a large reduction in our spending, so looking at all ways to help, and need some more clothes washing liquid. Can anyone recommend a cheap clothes washing liquid (prefer liquid, but could use powder guaranteed to dissolve).

AnyoneButAndre Tue 29-Sep-15 11:24:15

Aldi own brand normally comes out best for value:quality if you've got one near you.

Mintyy Tue 29-Sep-15 11:31:10

Powder is just much better and much cheaper! Of course it dissolves. I use Sainsbury's own brand in the big box - 10p per wash or something similar.

mummypig3 Tue 29-Sep-15 11:38:01

I use aldis powder or liquid. Works as good as leading brands and alot cheaper. Not keen on lidls though

Grumpyoldblonde Tue 29-Sep-15 13:42:26

I agree, powder is much better for your machine, Pretty much any own brand will do the job, I mix it with a spoonful of soda crystals which makes the powder go further and softens the water, fabric conditioner is not a necessity but I like it for sheets so just use Tesco cheapo. I often put a bit of fairy washing up liquid on stains.

Tidypidy Tue 29-Sep-15 13:48:17

I used to use Formil tablets or powder from Lidl which was great value but switched about two months ago to homemade. There are lots of recipes online and I found some of the more unusual stuff in our local hardware shop. It has lasted a very long time and I think was much cheaper, though haven't done actual sums.

Tarzanlovesgaby Tue 29-Sep-15 13:50:38

any bio powder.
if you put it directly into drum it will dissolve just fine.

ifonly4 Tue 29-Sep-15 14:36:17

Thanks for your replies (so far). The only reason I was against powder, is that I tried some a few years ago that didn't dissolve and I found it lurking in my machine and clothes - things have come a long way since it seems, so as we really do need to cut back, I'm open minded.

KarenHL Tue 29-Sep-15 14:53:27

I have horribly sensitive skin, which at its worst, makes wearing clothes very uncomfortable. Lots of powders make me itch, so I have to be careful. For that reason I stuck to Fairy non-bio for years as my skin is usually ok with it.

We stayed at a friend's house (housesitting) and they used Lidl washing powder. My skin was fine, so I decided to try Aldi's Almat powder tablets. Again, my skin is fine so we made the switch.

For us, we could afford to try a small box of Almat to see if it suited us. Aldi do pretty much every format of laundry soap - liquid, tabs, powder etc so they should have something that suits. I'm glad we switched, it's been a big saving (as have their nappies).

BrandNewAndImproved Tue 29-Sep-15 14:56:36

I shop in Aldi but go to Asda to stock up on their chosen for you washing powder. I have chef whites to wash most nights full of curry and gravy moat nights and it washes it off perfectly. The aldi one wasn't as good imo.

flanjabelle Tue 29-Sep-15 14:57:14

Aldi powder tabs are brilliant. clothes come out really clean (better than any other own brand I have tried) and it has a lovely, but subtle fragrance. It just smells really clean.

BrandNewAndImproved Tue 29-Sep-15 14:57:44

I buy their 2 in one washing powder so I don't buy fabric conditioner anymore and both dc have eczema and this washing powder has been completely fine for them.

Scoobydoo8 Tue 29-Sep-15 14:58:49

Check your area to see if it's soft or hard water. I checked Surrey area as I'd assumed that part of the world had hard water - turns out it's v soft so that means minumum amount of powder needed. Look on council website.

annielostit Tue 29-Sep-15 15:46:56

Other than own brands, have a look what's on offer £for£ when shopping.
Daz liquid is on offer for £2 x 20 wash this week in TESCO.
I got persil gel tabs for £4 for 52 in poundstretcher last week and morning fresh softner £1. That's more than a months worth.
I like the lidl & aldi 2in1 things. But not the softner.

annielostit Tue 29-Sep-15 15:48:00

Why is powder better for the machine??

NewToNoContact Tue 29-Sep-15 16:08:11

Liquid tends to clog up the machine with gloopiness. I use lidl or aldi liquid for colours, and powder for whites. I only use about half a capful for a load of washing, or about a tablespoon of powder. You don't need nearly as much as it says on the packet, even if you live in a hard water area.

I add the powder directly to the drum, and the liquid in a dosing ball.

ifonly4 Wed 30-Sep-15 10:23:42

I didn't realize liquid/gels clogged up washing machines, so I'll give washing powder another go. Aldi seems to be quite popular so will try that first, although I'm making notes of other suggestions in case I want them.

Scoobydoo8, we're definitely in a hard water area, but I do put slightly less in if washing isn't heavily soiled.

annielostit, wow 52 Persil gel tabs for £4, wish I had a poundstretcher near me to investigate. I need to get to know prices better, that way I'll know if something that's on offer is a better deal than shop's own cheaper version.

specialsubject Wed 30-Sep-15 11:56:22

powder is better for your machine, liquid better if you have a septic tank. So I use liquid.

do not buy tabs, way too much packaging. Tesco or Sainsbury do a budget bio liquid (look on bottom shelf) for £1.60 that lasts ages, does me for a month at least of 5-6 washes a week. Use half the recommended quantity as always. Never use fabric conditioner, unnecessary.

the Aldi budget wash is cheaper but absolutely stinks of disgusting fake florals, really makes the clothes reek. Never again.

toofarfromcivilisation Wed 30-Sep-15 13:02:09

Make your own!


2 litres Water (boiling)
2 cups/16oz Bar soap (grated)
2 cups/16oz Borax
2 cups/16oz Washing Soda

20 additional litres of water


1 litre water (boiling)
1 cup/8oz bar soap (grated)
1 cup/8oz Borax
1 cup/8oz Washing Soda

10 additional litres of water

QUARTER BATCH1 litre water (boiling)
1/2 cup/4oz bar soap (grated)
1/2 cup/4oz Borax
1/2 cup/4oz Washing Soda

4 and a half additional litres of water

Add finely grated bar soap to required amount of boiling water in a pot, on the cooker, gentle heat, stir/whisk until soap is melted.

Add the Borax and Washing Soda & Stir well until all is dissolved.

Pour into bucket
Add required amount of additional litres of warm/hot tap water, stir until well mixed.

Add fragrance if desired, i use baby powder but only because its my favourite
Cover pail and use 1/4 cup for each load of laundry or bottle. Stir the soap each time you use it (will gel but will take approx 48hrs).

toobreathless Thu 08-Oct-15 13:52:12

We like ALDI Almat non bio but I think everyone else does too because they come in boxes with the bio and colour fast versions and there are often none left of the non bio.

But they also do a gel which is just as good.

I can't tell the difference with fairy to be honest.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 10-Oct-15 08:25:59


Are you in the UK? we cant get borax here so I make laundry gloop without it.

wonkylegs Sat 10-Oct-15 08:35:40

Powder is definitely much cheaper than liquid and I've been using less than they recommend for years.
I still get clean clothes but also get less build up in the machine and no longer get streaks from what I realise now was too much powder. I used Persil non bio but only because it's the only one that doesn't bring DH out in a rash but a large box lasts for ages when you only use 1 scoop per wash.

Louise43210 Sat 10-Oct-15 08:47:24

The cheapest one I found I is the basic one in Morrison's. Think its£ 2.26.

Louise43210 Sat 10-Oct-15 08:48:08

Big box of powder.

Branleuse Sat 10-Oct-15 08:57:19

daisy brand at tesco is pretty good

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