On a budget - can anyone recommend good duvets and pillows?

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SWFARMER Tue 18-Aug-15 22:44:40

What the title says really, and also me and OH get quite hot easily. What tog would you recommend?

First time buyer here and parents always bought this type of stuff! Moving in next week hopefully and realised we have no duvet or pillows, oops!

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BikeRunSki Tue 18-Aug-15 22:50:23

I'd ways recommend feathers over hollofill, although more expensive, assuming you have no ethical issues with down. TKMaxx always have duvets and pillows in at good prices,sheets etc too.

SWFARMER Tue 18-Aug-15 22:53:52

We're not on a really tight budget but don't want to pay an arm and a leg really.

Thanks will take a look!

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Madmog Thu 20-Aug-15 10:25:21

We have some hollowfill pillowcases and they are awful!

We have two quilts - 7.5 tog for the summer and 13.5 tog for the winter - I tend to get too hot under the winter quilt but I'm normally sandwiched between DH one side and 1-2 cats the other.

BishopBrennansArse Thu 20-Aug-15 10:34:50

If you're ok with synthetic I really like John Lewis basics - pair of pillows £7, duvets from about £9.99

blackibiza Sat 22-Aug-15 22:41:49

Look at 'Soak and Sleep' , online. Brilliant

ExConstance Mon 21-Sep-15 15:28:00

We have Sainsburys synthetics on all our beds, lovely and snuggly. The whole family has allergies so we can't have feather or down anyway.

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