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Anyone up for a super frugal week challenge?

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SurlyCue Sun 16-Aug-15 15:13:08

Ive been thinking about doing this for a while, not initially inspired by money saving, but a desire to reduce screen time in this house. So i decided to have a screen free week, and then i thought, why not make it an energy free week (as much as possible)

So the weather is to be a mixed bag this week, some (hopefully some dry days) we can get out and about, dry laundry outside, picnic, etc.

My plan is to only use electric that is strictly necessary.

-No tv, screens, phone, radio, hairdryer, dehumidifier (for drying my laundry)
-maximise oven space so it is cooking a few meals at once and freeze,
-kettle boiled in morning and fill a flask for tea.
-cereals instead of toaster on 6 times a day! (We eat lots of toast and pancakes)
-Wearing clothes and airing them out between wears to reduce laundry loads, same with towels (eek, i will struggle with this)
-only have boiler on for 20 minutes to heat just enough water for shower.
-sweep floors instead of hoovering.
-keep lights off instead 10 lights on at the same time with no-one in the room.

My electric bill is usually about£10-£12 a week (keypad meter) and i am aiming to get it below £7 for this one week.

I'm also going to try a minimal spending week on everything else too. So really just necessary food. Walking everywhere. (Easy for us, i drive out of laziness.) no sweeties from the shop or expensive bottles of juice/water.

Cant think of anything else right now. Apart from how do i convince DC this will be great fun? grin

Anyone fancy joining me and doing their own challenge?

justjuanmorebeer Sun 16-Aug-15 18:38:23

I'll join you for a cheap challenge until Friday. It has just been my dd's bday yesterday so things have been super expensive.

However it is Dp's bday on Saturday so I can only be a skinflint until then really as taking him out.

This week the only things I need to pay out are £5.60 postage to send off two things I have sold on ebay and then anything I do with my daughter.
I don't think we need to travel anywhere so we should not need any bus fares etc, will stick to walking to park etc.

I have enough food in fridge and freezer to last us until Friday too I reckon.

I think I can do it on £10 until Friday. Let's see.

SurlyCue Sun 16-Aug-15 21:58:16

Yay! That makes two of us!

Food wise, i dont think i need too much. I need the staple, bread, milk, butter, veg. I will do a check of the freezer and cupboard tomorrow to see what i have in but i think i'll only need some mince for a lasagne and a few other bits. I do need toothpaste and dog and cat food too but other than that i think we're stocked up.

I told DC we were having a competition to see who could manage the best without our screens, they werent over enthusiastic but they didnt sulk so thats a positive response. I think. grin

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