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Does anyone use a folding bike for commuting?

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CountryLovingGirl Thu 06-Aug-15 21:59:36


I am thinking of buying a folding bike to use on the train for going to and from work. My job was moved to a city 25 miles away last year and the traffic is a killer both ways (apart from during the school hols when it goes quiet). I used to work in my hometown so this has hit me hard (I get very stressed in traffic, especially when I have children to collect from school/childminders). Although I live 10 mins away from the station (so would take the car there) the train journey is only 15 minutes and about 5-10 mins away from where I work at the other end. Someone I work with lives near the station and gets the train, then walks the bit at the other end (it takes her a lot less time than me - she is a young girl with no kids though).

We are planning on moving in 3 years time to be closer to the main train station. DH works for the railway so it would benefit him too and we could probably get rid of a car (currently run 2 and it costs us a fortune). The main reason though is because our eldest child starts secondary school next month (Catholic school across town but also not too far from the main train station). Our youngest has 4 years left at primary (where we live now). We plan on moving when she is in year 5 (we will leave her at the same primary and continue to use the same childminder who lives across the road). We have started 'looking' at houses situated, within walking distance, between the main train station and the secondary school.

Ultimately, this will:

(a) allow us to clear the mortgage (25 year endowment matures in 2017, 3 years extra mortgage payments by then with overpayment each month and a bit of savings thrown in - the plan anyway)!
(b) save 2 lots of school bus fares (both kids could walk to school)
(3) allow us to get rid of one car
(4) get to work easier without sitting in traffic 3 hours a day
(5) get free travel to work as I get a staff spouse pass (I hardly use this at the moment and I should)!

So, after a mammoth post, does anyone else use a folding bike for work involving a train journey? What bike do you have and is it any good? I only work 3 days a week.

RudyMentary Thu 06-Aug-15 22:04:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PatriciaHolm Thu 06-Aug-15 22:07:28

DH has a Brompton, he's a big fan.

justjuanmorebeer Thu 06-Aug-15 22:13:20

My SIL commutes on train with a Dahon folding bike, she has been using it every day for 3 years now it is brilliant. Last week I got myself a Bickerton country 1707 folding bike. I don't commute by train but am looking at going to work on this and got a folding bike so I can take it inside as there is nowhere secure to lock it up at my building. I also live in a flat so have storage issues at home. Win win.

What is your job? Have you checked if they have a cycle2work scheme? If so use it, great scheme.
Rare to find one that you can get a brompton though and the upper limit is usually 1k.

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