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Credit crunch toiletries and make-up challenge

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Myturnnow4 Mon 20-Jul-15 08:35:31

Inspired by a similar discussion on smile

I've just been through a drawer and cupboard of smellies and beauty products and decided to kill two birds with one stone - reduce spending on such products and clear out some clutter.

Is anyone interested in joining me in a similar challenge and/or sharing cost-cutting beauty tips?

starfish4 Mon 20-Jul-15 15:56:34

Only clear out items if you really can't use them any more, ie if it's got some use then that saves you buying anything else immediately.

I haven't got money for expensive items. I do like some facial moisturizers by Nivea and Olay, and also Dove handcream. These aren't that expensive compared to other products, but all of them are regularly on offer, so only buy then.

RabbitSaysWoof Mon 20-Jul-15 16:33:38

After a thread on here I tried Aldi facial serum it's great and only £3.50 I think it's going to last a long time because I've had it nearly a month and I think I've only used about a quarter.
I've realised too that a tiny blob of face wash goes really far, I've no idea why I used to make a pool in the palm of my hand when a toothpaste size squeeze on my finger does the same.

Myturnnow4 Mon 20-Jul-15 18:05:18

So, having tidied out the cupboard I have...

1) Thrown away a lot of packaging and one old bottle of fake tan/moisturiser.
2) Discovered that I own 5 unopened toothbrush heads and 3 unopened carmex cherry lip balms.
3) Gained a very tidy dressing table.
4) Concluded that since yesterday's investment I don't need to buy any more products until perhaps September apart from face cream.

Yesterday's investment was on Asda's 3 for £6 on 500ml bottles of Tresemme (sp?) shampoo and conditioner. A big saving on my usual Aussie purchases.

starfish4 Tue 21-Jul-15 10:45:14

Can you please let me know how you get on with the Tresemme - I've never tried it before.

SueBigFatSue Tue 21-Jul-15 13:47:41

Starfish Tresemme is great, especially great if you can get a good deal! And the big bottles last a while too.

Myturnnow4 Tue 21-Jul-15 13:48:24

Good to hear Sue I've not used it before either.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 21-Jul-15 14:14:22

I'm am in.

I've just bought Almond oil from sainsbos, my balm cleanser is mainly solid almond oil so I'll try this later instead.

<thinks hard>

Boots coconut and almond shampoo range is very good, I'm still changing to super drug when this lot runs out because they are buav approved.

Super drug mua eye shadows and kohl pencils are brilliant.

Myturnnow4 Tue 21-Jul-15 16:16:21

Would you let me know how the almond oil works out?

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 21-Jul-15 16:50:27

Yes, I'm quite interested myself. Last time I used an oil I got spots but it was olive oil.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 22-Jul-15 16:04:46

It's not going well. I think I should have bought it from the pharmacy and not the cooking oil section blush

Myturnnow4 Wed 22-Jul-15 17:10:17

Oh no smile
Can you use it as body moisturiser?

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 22-Jul-15 17:31:57

Yes, I'll use it as cuticle oil etc. Nothing's wasted here.

arnieschwartzsnogger Wed 22-Jul-15 17:38:44

Yes, I've done this recently. I had a big botte of bubble bath which has been languishing in the bathroom cabinet for years. I used it as shower gel. It did the job!

DragonMamma Wed 22-Jul-15 18:58:52

I buy facewash that comes in a pump dispenser and they last so much longer than one in a tube. One pump does the job!

Myturnnow4 Wed 22-Jul-15 20:17:48

By August my aim is two use-ups (foundation and body moisturiser) and I think I'm going to have two throw-aways. I've got some pricey hair wax that worked with a longer cut but just isn't doing my current cut any good. I'll see if a friend or relative is interested in the unopened one.

Allofaflumble Thu 23-Jul-15 06:56:52

I use the traditional Glycerin and Rose Water from Boots to cleanse my face at night. It is only around £2.49 . I use it with those cleansing pads.

It is amazing how much dirt comes out of your skin. I find it very soothing on my dry skin too.

BrianButterfield Thu 23-Jul-15 07:13:29

On the basis that it's mostly going down the drain anyway, I switched to Boots most basic cucumber facial wash - 3 items for £3 at the moment so I also got the toner (very good) and fragrance-free moisturising cream which Dh uses sometimes and I use on any dry patches the DC have on their skin. I have to say for £1 it's excellent and seems very mild - no stinging eyes (I'm looking at you, Clarins), fresh, mild scent and works just as well.

BrianButterfield Thu 23-Jul-15 07:15:09

Also I recommend those small, weird branches of Boots for amazing clearance items. We have a strange poky one that got taken over by Boots a while back - it's walking distance from the main town one and also from a decent pharmacy in a GP's surgery so it's rarely used and they mark everything down a huge amount.

starfish4 Thu 23-Jul-15 08:10:59

Myturnnow4 - that's a good idea giving the unused one to a friend or relative - that way you don't feel like you're totally wasting anything. I think we're all guilty of hoarding toiletries and beauty items to some extent, so it's good to go through what you have every now and again and hopefully end up using it and saving money buying something else.

Myturnnow4 Sun 26-Jul-15 11:45:03


I'm a big fan of No7 Beauty Serum (usually get Protect & Perfect) and it's something I suggest when people are wondering what to get me as a present. I'm about to run out and wondering if anyone can advise on cheaper brands. I'm particularly curious about anything that Lidl, Aldi, Asda or Tescos might sell.

Crosses fingers for MNers' wisdom...

bellasuewow Wed 29-Jul-15 22:58:02

I am a beauty junkie but also a frugaleer. I had a lightbulb moment last year and now regret the money I have spent (totallywasted) on fancy products in the past. I use a nice cheapo mint shower gel on occasion but most of the time is just use cheap nice soap on face and body. It makes bugger all difference. I am lovely and clean and I have dry skin but still find soap absolutely fine to use. I cut my own hair using the lee Stafford method and colour it using olio so my hair has never been better cut imho and costs me £7 every 6-8 weeks instead of toni and guy having to explain over and over again what I wanted and sometimes not get basically the mumsnet cut which was what I wanted. I use Rimmel make up used to use benefit difference. I use lidl body lotion, lovely smell cheap and last for ages, light stuff is non greasy. I work in an office and lidl roll on deodorant is fine with me. Super drug shampoo and conditioner is fine. I use my husbands Mach 3 and hair conditioner to shave my legs, I am well groomed and love clothes and beauty products but spend very little because I don't believe anymore that I need to buy expensive products.

sugar21 Wed 29-Jul-15 23:23:00

I use exfoliating gloves from Tesco costing £1 and find they do the job. Also got a pedi ball from Poundland which is effective. Lidl do a range of skin care which I have used and a tube of day cream was £2.99 also effective.
If you have Tesco club card vouchers, there is always some form of shampoo or conditioner and shower gel on offer, so use the vouchers and spend next to nothing on toiletries.A dab of perfume on a skin blemish or cold sore will dry it and then it heals quickly. Beats laying £££ for zovirax and the like.

Not beauty regime related but if you hang trousers on a clip trouser hanger in the bathroom while showering the steam will get any creases out and as they will be a little damp any superfluous marks can be rubbed off, thus saving on dry cleaning bills.

Myturnnow4 Thu 30-Jul-15 08:54:01

So, July's successes were:

The big cupboard clear ou. Mostly packaging, but it looks a lot tidier in there and led to... not buying any more toothbrush heads or lipbalms (probably for the rest of this year)

...finishing off three different products and moving on to the next half-used tub of moisturiser from last Christmas.

...decanting from the massive bottles of Tresemme that were on offer in Asda (only tried the conditioner but so far no problems).

I think that the two biggest lessons learned are that being tidy and organised means I can see what I already have and don't need to purchase. Second lesson is, by tracking how much I spend on toiletries, I've found that those little one-off purchases really add up.

umiaisha Thu 30-Jul-15 12:04:55

I bought the colossal foot file after reading the reviews on here. One of my best ever beauty buys and has saved me a small fortune on pedicures.

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