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Lets share tips for cutting back

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starfish4 Thu 16-Apr-15 14:31:56

Just wondering if anyone has any tips - big or small - for cutting back on spending. Here's a few I can think of:

Use slightly less cleaning products, including washing and fabric conditioner and you won' notice the difference

Cut up old clothes into rags for cleaning to save buying cloths

Put bubble bath into old soap dispensers - much cheaper than buying soap each time and no one will notice

Cereals are always on offer in supermarkets, so I buy a few at a time - I never pay the full price.

Try own brand and even value/basics range - many won't notice the difference

Shop around for cheaper insurance and energy supplier (we swapped last year, we were paying £71 pm now £50pm and we're in credit)

Grumpyoldblonde Thu 16-Apr-15 16:05:24

Always buy own brand OTC medicines, Wilko is great, ranatadine is 70p for 12 tablets, 21p for paracetamol, 80p for immodium tyoe pills.

My 99p shop has branded hair colourants at the moment which would be well over a fiver in Boots.

Totally agree with using less laundry powder.

Run running out tubes of lotion and toothpaste under the hot tap for a moment, be amazed at how much more slips to the end!

Buddy80 Thu 16-Apr-15 16:55:41

Look for special offers for free plant seeds and/or see if there is a local community garden.

Subscribe to money saving/freebie sites.

Look to see if there is an genuine community skill swap.


Make a point of going to your local library to look at local events/walking routes that are free.

Look at free accredited courses. PM me if you want info, I am currently doing one myself.

Is there a local toy library?

opalfire Sat 06-Jun-15 23:05:34

One of the biggest things for us recently was swapping from Sainsbury to Aldi for most of the weekly shop (went down from about £110 to about £75 - amazing). We've also saved a lot on gas / electricity / broadband by switching to a company recommended by Which? (DH also keeps on top of mortgage rates!).

When I became a SAHM it was goodbye to eating out and takeaways full stop. We had friends over to eat in instead. We could cook a lovely meal for 8 for about the same as we'd spend as a couple in a restaurant, and we'd get invited back in return.

DH bought his petrol at Tesco so we got Clubcard vouchers that could be exchanged for 3-4x their value in days out vouchers. Plenty of free days out and some paid for, but always took our own picnic lunch. I had been spending about £30 on overpriced lunches and drinks. Instead, so DC learned to eat out we'd have an occasional tea and cake out - far less waste than if they had lunch.

We've had some fantastic holidays camping around the UK. The tent was an expensive purchase initially, as were self-inflating sleeping mats and 4-season sleeping bags, but the lot cost less than 4 low-cost airline flights to Spain in the school hols. Before the dog we Youth Hostelled too in family bunk rooms.

For most other things its realising that a lot of what you may think of as essential really isn't. For example Sky or similar. I can't believe anyone on a budget would blow about £30 a month on it. A digital TV or Freeview box gives you loads of channels. And instead of updating mobile phones at the end of the contract, go for a bill reduction instead!

KatharineClifton Sat 06-Jun-15 23:08:47

Buying things like oats, flour and other foodstuffs in bulk from Amazon. They store well and you can get up to 15% off. Cost is high initially obviously, but overall a lot cheaper.

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