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We aint no April Frugalling Fools.. There may be Showers ahead, but we'll sail through together ...

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Laska42 Tue 31-Mar-15 22:02:06

Heres a new thread for the April Frugaleers!

Spring has arrived and summer is a-coming.. grin

Good luck everyone trying to save money, There's lots of good support here..

Laska42 Tue 31-Mar-15 22:10:00

OK so its not quite April yet..
But hello!

CaptainSubtext Tue 31-Mar-15 22:11:43

Thanks Laska! smile

I've settled in to my gazillionth new name so I'm back on board for the new month.

I have totally fallen off the wagon the last week or so, we've not even been recording spends! Terrible.

New start tomorrow.

In other news it looks like I've got a few pupils lined for piano already, with a few more who are interested! Very exciting! It should mean we can afford at least one more home ed club for the DCs so that would be wonderful. smile

CaptainSubtext Tue 31-Mar-15 22:12:10

Love the thread name BTW! Fab stuff grin

Laska42 Tue 31-Mar-15 22:22:04

Aye Aye Captain !! ..Can you tell I live on an island?! wink

trainersandcake Tue 31-Mar-15 22:25:04

I'm back in the frugal game, was v bad in March but need to get back on it!

NK5BM3 Tue 31-Mar-15 22:50:35

Hello! Bonjour... Writing in from Paris. Most of the spends these couple of days will be charged to work, so won't be marking anything here, but wanted to come on board!

Did spend 37euros on chocolate! shock

strawberry01 Wed 01-Apr-15 00:17:34

Hello have been lurking for a while and now motivated to get my finances under control! A fresh start for April. I am entering my final months of maternity leave (unpaid) and my DH has had his hours cut in work. We have around £3k of savings but I really don't want to start dipping into that. I don't have the option of going back to work early so we have to make this work!

I placed a huge order online from Tesco a few days back that will be delivered tomorrow and spent £105. When this is debited from my account I will have £36 left.

DH gets paid cash in hand weekly so I have all the direct debits for the bills set up to my account and he gives me a set amount per week that covers his half of bills/food shopping, things for DD (eg nappies, formula not more hair clips from etsy which I cant resist grin) so my account balance will go up and down through the month- and hopefully not end up in my overdraft.

Sorry if that was long blush

AdoraBell Wed 01-Apr-15 01:46:36

Thanks for the new thread Laksa

Hello Strawberry01 and welcome aboardsmile

NK €36 on chocolate envy is that all for you? envy

Have just Updated on the March thread.

SpottyTeacakes Wed 01-Apr-15 06:20:20

Morning! Love the thread title grin

Mil has given the dc £25 for easter so far they've had £55 between them!

NK yum!

Adora bonus that the dress didn't suit you-sort of?!

SpottyTeacakes Wed 01-Apr-15 06:46:55

Heating is off! Was by accident but it's fine (brrrrr....)

Unescorted Wed 01-Apr-15 08:05:59

Morning Allsmile - welcome strawberry.

NK I want your chocolate.... I went out on our year end works do. Too much to drink. I think I am out of practice and it was being bought for me. Never a good combination. I think good quality chocolate would work wonders.

I am on holiday for 10 days so I am going to dust off my sewing machine and make me some clothes and refashion some other bits.

LaChatte Wed 01-Apr-15 08:32:30

Morning people, heating is off here too so I've gone back to bed and it's chilly (I'm in the south of france, it really shouldn't be chilly).

Two reaaaally long days at work have lead to three very LSDs in a row. We have enough food to last until the weekend, then we are off to DM's for the weekend, so should be pretty LSWeek.

needastrongone Wed 01-Apr-15 08:43:51

grin at Laska.

Welcome [strawberry]

Had a Morrisons delivery. £88 shock. Although, I bought 4 boxes of lager for £20 which was on offer, and will last DH ages.

Also bought some raw dog bones from the Natural Instinct website, which is never cheap, but last ages and clean the dogs teeth beautifully. And keep them quiet!

And another (cheaper) chicken coop. Which I haven't budgeted for, so I will be figuring out how to pay for this. My chicken empire is going to expand.

Taking DD to the city today to shop. She will have to pay for herself. I only need BB cream from the Body Shop.

Does anyone else have a really spendy time at the start of the month, then settle down?

Pointlessfan Wed 01-Apr-15 08:50:04

Welcome Strawberry and thanks for the thread Laska - great title!
My month hasn't got off to a good start as I've already bought milk and stamps - £5.56 and it isn't 9 am yet!

MercuryRising Wed 01-Apr-15 09:25:14

I would love to join you. We have put our house on the market so really need to keep spending to a minimum to cover the expense this will create.

We are off to fly a kite this afternoon. I plan to take drinks and snacks so the only expense will be parking. I have to pay my mum 200 today to cover childcare but that is all budgeted for smile

bantamgirl Wed 01-Apr-15 09:53:26

Morning all

Bank: £227.10 (was £227.10)
Purse: £0.36 (was £0.00)
Jar: £63.35 (was £62.75)

Grand Total: £290.81
Reduced by: +£0.96
Days to payday: 14
Buffer money: £103.98
Proper Savings: £574.29

£0.64 – stamp

Appear to be nearly a quid up (woo). I've probably miscounted the coin jar. Only two weeks to get through until pay-day, it's been a very long month!

TeWiSavesTheDay Wed 01-Apr-15 12:14:55

Hello all. Hoping for a good April!

AdoraBell Wed 01-Apr-15 13:39:19

Yes, a bonus Spotty as I was wondering How To afford it and now I don't need To tbugrin

I will be spending later, taxi To Get around town where parking isn't available, and easter eggs. Will update later.

Passthecake30 Wed 01-Apr-15 14:06:22

Hello ladies! Just popped out as apparently the easter bunny also brings chocolate/sweets according to my 5 yr old....but apparently not to my 6 yr old??!!

northender Wed 01-Apr-15 15:12:16

Thanks for the new thread. Marking spot for later

KateSpade Wed 01-Apr-15 16:04:56

Also Marking!

SpottyTeacakes Wed 01-Apr-15 16:31:48

Heating is back on blush

£66 sainsburys. Ouch. Got dd some summer school dresses, swimming stuff for school, Ds trousers, each of them a swim vest (been looking for these cheap for ages) some fruit pouches, bits for lunch and not much else confused oh yes two Easter eggs for my sister and bil as we are staying with them this weekend.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 01-Apr-15 17:09:26

Thank you Laska for the new thread flowers

Subtext well done for getting pupils.

Welcome mercury & strawberry. Have you both read the frugal links from the January thread?.

Nk I bet it's really nice chocolate though.

Our heatings been off in the morning since March 1st. I'm not saying it was a popular decision but Dh moaned enough to keep himself warm.

£3.96 in the 99p shop. Carpet cleaner, baking soda for the fridge, neutradol and crisps.

£15 orchid. It's REALLY nice though and the pot matches my kitchen blush plus I'm hoping Dh will realise the only place for it is where the Hub sits & move the fecking hub to the hallway.

£20 malt whisky for Father's Day. It's not often you get one for £20 so Dh will give me £10 towards it in June.
£3.99 tassimo pods (for my Poundshop latte glass)
£1.58 brown sugar crystals <poncetastic>

Groupon have refunded me £35. Takes up to 20 working days to process hmm.

babsmam Wed 01-Apr-15 17:14:59

Hi. Back later to update

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