What meals have you eaten this week?

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starfish4 Wed 04-Mar-15 14:39:12

To those on a budget, just wondered what meals you've eaten this week and how you kept them cheap - I'm just being noisy! For us:

1. Monday - southern fried chicken (on offer in Tescos), new potatoes (cheaper at greengrocers than Lidl), carrots (cheap in Lidl) and frozen Tesco value peas and sweetcorn. Tesco value rice pudding.

2. Tuesday - pasta in a canned tomatoes (Lidl), onion, garlic & chilli sauce with one chopped up sausage each added. DH had a yogurt

3. Tonight - stir fry a little onion and peppers (from Lidl), add value sweetcorn, value baked beans, add pepper and chilli, serve with value rice. DD may have fishfingers, with carrots (Lidl), broccoli and rice.

4. Tomorrow - thinking about jacket potatoes with value baked beans and cheese (cheaper in Lidl) for tomorrow. Will probably put a mini salad out depending on what we have left - hopefully a little pepper, carrot, onion, cucumber.

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annielostit Wed 04-Mar-15 17:43:20

I always look at where's best for prices, my dh reckons I'm tight, I tell him not drawn in by consumerism.
This week has been so far,
Sunday - roast chicken,(lidl £4.50) potatoes carrots & cauliflower.
Monday - lidl gammon steak 1.99 on offer last week.with new potatoes & rest of cauliflower & a bit of homemade cheese sauce.
Tuesday - aldi fish in lemon & pepper dusting with chips & mushy peas.
Wednesday - pasta with tomato sauce & 2 bits of bacon thrown in for flavour.
Used up the chicken bits from Sunday, for dh to take to work in curry sauce & jacket potato
made stew with fridge left offs and some beef bits for more lunches. Ds16 had burgers on fish night.

HeyMicky Wed 04-Mar-15 17:56:14

Did a cabbage, (super)noodle and mince stir fry yesterday - probably the cheapest thing in my repertoire.

Tomorrow is sausage pasta - break up the sausage into little balls and fry, sauce made from a little red pesto listened with a splash of cream.

Quiche - make the pastry, couple of eggs, plus whatever is left in the fridge

disneymum3 Wed 04-Mar-15 18:58:59

I only shop at tesco and the co-op.
I am feeding 5, 2 adults and 3 children (5, 4, and 1)

M: Spanish style chicken and potato gratin; £11.70
T: full English; £2.48
W: Bolognese; £4.68
Th: jacket potatos; 48p
F: anything from the freezer; I spent £3.42 restocking
Sa: pizza; £7.10
Su: roast; £1.50
Total food spend: £31.36

Obviously some thing I already had in, so didn't buy which is why some meals cost so little

Passthecake30 Thu 05-Mar-15 07:20:56

Saturday- 6 rashers of bacon chopped, onion, garlic and peas with value passata (and reduced till thick) on value spaghetti
Sunday - enchiladas, lots of pepper/onion/sweetcorn, v little chicken
Monday - roast chicken
Tues - chicken curry (with left overs) for adults, cold chicken and rice and veg for kids
Wed - sausage, mash n beans

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